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The Essence of Perfume in a Woman's Life

Does it really make a difference? That may be the first question coming across your mind as you read this. And the answer is simple. Yes. Maybe not that much, the strong head may think. But certainly to an extent! Perfume for women is not as important as fodder is for horse. But it plays the same role that little glittering scarf adds to your attire when you are going to watch the Moulin Rouge. Now again, you may be thinking why I am using the word “little” to describe something as long and visible as a scarf. Of course, it is as much a part of your dressing as your hat, high-heels, gloves (on a chilly evening) and earrings.

Now all of us are not going to watch Moulin Rouge every day, but we have much more socializing to do than just that. It stays with the working lady right from the time she takes the morning shower to the time she hits the sack. A sweet odor might just help you get a seat in the jam-packed morning bus or metro. You might just crack the deal when it comes to business meetings. People will want to stay around you for longer. To sum it up, the fragrance of the perfume is an integral part of a woman’s personality.

Another very important role of perfume for women is to attract men. Whether you want to attract them depends on you and can be controlled by you, depending on the fragrance and the amount of perfume you are going to spray. But if you want to, it does help you out in your ultimate aim. The smell of perfume turns on men instantly and they know it is a girl around and are ready to follow that hint of fragrance for a while at least, while trying to discover who the pretty lady wearing that perfume is.

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Men and Colognes

The manliness is missing dude! That’s what your male friends might say the evening you are the nicest smelling of them all. All you need to do in such a situation is to make a note of these guys. These guys are the lazy lot in your group who won’t bother going to the market and buying a deodorant or talcum powder, let alone a bottle of cologne. Instead, in such a case, complete the loop by returning the advice and brief them a bit about the importance of good body odor, and if needed, personal hygiene too. Because manliness is not about smelling bad, it’s about feeling good!

The best colognes in the market do not promise you hitting bull’s eye on the first date, but leave a good impression on your date, nonetheless, unless you’ve messed up other things really bad. Even if you’ve hammered iron all day long, there’s no harm in taking a shower, and trying a hint of cologne before the date. All right, we know that in the long run she won’t mind the much-glorified fragrance of your sweat too much as long as you’re not doing it repeatedly, but you’d rather want her to remind herself of you as the charming prince rather than the rotten pig. So why not be the charming prince? It is not that bad an idea, you know!

It doesn’t take a lot to be well-groomed at least, if not exactly the charming prince. Good cologne will certainly make you smell like a prince. It can help you get a job too, because the first impression (of smell, especially) should be a good one. Many of the employers are looking for men who can handle people, and you’d better off handling people when it’s easy for them to stick around you. After using the cologne, the dog in your neighborhood would not bite you unless you play unnecessary tricks with it. It might follow you till the end of the street though. So yeah, just be the gentleman, use cologne, and make the best of the opportunity. And you are likely to get most things right.

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The Formula for Top Fragrances

Some of the top fragrances in the world, used in women’s perfumes and men’s colognes or perfumes, follow some secret formula, different from the other, that makes them amongst the best. Obviously, the fragrances used in men’s perfumes differ from the ones used for those of women. So first, let’s have a look at the basic structure of any particular fragrance that is a mixture of two or more fragrances, a very common phenomenon these days.

Any fragrance consists of 3 different notes (such as the notes used to describe variations in music), each assuming a level of recognition; in simple words-the first note is the one that the person whose senses have received this fragrance will strike first and foremost-(the top note), just before it disappears comes a mixture of other fragrances that are given second priority (the middle notes) and similarly the fragrances that close the loop (the base notes). What is important here is that the base notes are no less important and the scents used here are usually more superior to the starting ones. Perhaps that is why they are kept at the end. This is one technique most good brands use so that the final punch is the strongest one.

Scents of different plants and other natural sources, which may be derived naturally or created chemically, are used in making the fragrances. Some of the most traditional fragrances used widely for manufacturing many perfumes around the world are floral (scents from flowers), wood (contain scents like sandalwood, agarwood, etc) and leather (leather smelling-like honey, wood tars). Many of the top fragrances used employ two or more scents to make it a unique fragrance, for instance mixing two or more floral scents. For example, Kiss Her (brand name here: please see) perfume, one of the most popular perfumes for women, is made using a mixture of black orchid, wet fig leaves and mahogany. To add more variety, a tinge of red pepper is added to make a unique and irresistible fragrance that shall arouse the senses of most of the men around.

Fragrance used in men’s perfumes is less likely to contain floral scents. Wood and leather scents may be used separately (for separate products) or in different proportions within the same fragrance. While both add a touch of class and culture, they are considered to be more masculine than other traditional fragrances. Lavender and spearmint are commonly used in men’s fragrances. Other interesting scents include bitter orange, ambrette and ambroxian.

The success of the fragrance also depends on the occasion and whether it is compatible with the personality of the person wearing it. But most fragrances which are all-time hits are created after extensive research that would appeal to most of us and work out almost always.

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