Reading Quarter 3


My Sisters Keeper

Anna was made in a petri dish to be an exact match for anything he sister Kate needed. Kate was diagnosed with cancer when she was 5. Kate and Anna's parents loved Kate so much they'd do anything for her even if that included hurting their younger daughter. Anna decides she doesn't want to be a science experiment anymore and sues her parents. Anna loves her sister more than anything but she's done being used just for her.

This was probably one of the saddest books I've ever read because there's so many ups and downs, if you like emotional books you'll love this one.

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The Lucky One

The Lucky one is about a marine who was over in Iraq and he found a picture of a women. He kept the picture in his helmet and he believed that the picture of the women kept him alive. When he got back from his tour he went and found the women in the picture, he got a job working with her and eventually they fell in love. I didn't quite finish this book yet but i thought it was very good, even though that was a quick summary a lot more happened than that and it kept me very interested in the book.
You are the lucky one because you can either choose to love me or not, but I can only choose to love you or to love you more..
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The Lucky One Official Trailer #1 - 2012 (HD)
My Sister's Keeper Movie Trailer