Smore 1

Media literacy

Smore 1 What is media Literacy

Rome Frazier


12 CP Language Arts

7 January 2016

I think that media literacy is being familiar with different forms of media and knowing what is going on in the world around you. For example, someone who is familiar with multiple news sources and is aware of the things happening around them is media literate. Some people think that they are media literate but in actuality they aren’t because they may watch the news but they probably aren’t because even though they hear what is going on, the fact of the matter is they probably aren’t actually knowledgeable about this stuff. That would be like me calling myself a master chef because I can make scrambled eggs. Anyone can make eggs and anyone can watch the news. Being media literate has some advantages to it. For example, you could learn that there is a serial killer or some other kind of predator on the loose and as a result you could be careful about where you let you children play at. And you also would be less likely to leave them somewhere on their own. On the other hand if you were ignorant to this you might let your kids go out playing unsupervised whenever you want. Then what could happen? Anything. Your kids could be taken and you wouldn’t find out till it was too late. They could have already been tortured, killed, skinned, violated, or any number of horrible things. And chances are you might never see them again. As you can see being media literate could be very important.

Smore 2 What can i do

Cops have always shown unnecessary force when dealing with people. That’s part of why cops have such a bad reputation. Right now in society it isn’t as bad as it was before, but there are still times when this happens, like with Trevon Martin or the other 1028 killings in 2014. In the future people, especially black people, should be able to be stopped by a cop and not be afraid of anything but how much their ticket will cost.

The problem is that police aren’t trained to actually deal with people and don't understand the situation. They see someone reach into their pocket and automatically pull out their gun. They try to protect themselves before protecting the citizens. And it doesn’t help that some police abuse their power. Without this problem there would be no fear of police unless you know you’ve done something wrong, no stigma that being stopped by a cop raises your chances of dying that day. Of course there will be things that will make getting society to that point harder. For example, racism, which is impossible to completely eradicate. People need to continue fighting police brutality, whether it be through protests or some other method. In order to help this cause I plan to keep track of it on the news and spread the word about this issue and why it needs to stop. This will raise awareness and maybe even get some people to rise to action and help fight police brutality.

Smore 3 Superbowl Commercial

For the Superbowl (2016), Doritos created a commercial to get people to buy Doritos. They develop this by having animals dress up as a man to buy them. Using the cuteness of the animals, Doritos appeals to people's emotions in order to encouraged consumers to buy Doritos. The target audience for this commercial is young children and the relationship with these young children is friendly, and the tone is joking.

Smore 4 Gender in Advertising

Advertising has recently gone from making women seem weak and inferior, to making men seem even more inferior. A good example is how there used to be a commercial were a jar was advertised that was "so easy to open a woman could do it". Now we are seeing commercials that just make men look bad. For example, the commercial where a married man tries flushing an assortment of items down the toilet just so the female plumber would come back again and is caught by his wife. This commercial makes men seem very weak in the sense that they can be controlled by hormones extremely easily. Commercials like this are affecting society by encouraging females to not trust the man they're with. The fact of the matter however, is that not all men are like tha, some are but many are not.

Smore 5 Media Manipulation

Advertising products is how companies get people to want their products. But how does advertising do it? They manipulate their target market to make what they’re selling seem great thigh visual stimulation on television. When it isn’t on television they do this by having thei products placed in various places on display out in the open. Seeing these products repeatedly gets them stuck in your head until you just have to get one. Companies are aware of this. In fact when two companies are competing for the same target market the winner is less determined by the product but more by which company can manipulate that target market best. Manipulation and its effectiveness on the viewers depends on how well they can appeal to the senses. This is why many companies target kids and teenagers, they are easy to influence so easier to sell products to.

Smore 6 Apple vs the Government

Rome Frazier

12th Grade LA


February 22, 2016

Apple vs the Government

I think that Apple is in the right here and that they shouldn’t create the backdoor because there is a good chance the government would want this again in the future. Once that happens it’s only a matter of time before the government wants all iphones hacked in a similar fashion. If apple creates the backdoor it will be like a spark that will eventually create a fire. It will start with this phone and spread to eventually all iphones and maybe then the government will go after all the other phone companies as well. There is no guarantee the iphone will have what the government wants so it really isn't worth the potential future risk.

Smore 7 Agree or Disagree

I think that it should be allowed for the government to torture people who are dangerous to the country as long as they don't die. Of course the government shouldn't be able to just pick whoever they want based of prejudice, for example, taking and torturing Koreans because North Korea bombed the US. There should be specific, and extremely strict, guidelines as to who is allowed to be taken and tortured. Nobody should be put through that unless there is indisputable evidence that they are a threat to the country. Of course there also needs to be specific and strict definitions as to what makes someone a "threat". Now how would the government find these " threats"? They definitely shouldn't be allowed to break our rights to privacy given to us in the Constitution though. So they could put up surveillance technology in public places that can also pick up audio recordings of suspicious conversations. Also, they could keep track of what we buy in stores by having access to the purchase records in all stores because stores are public places. This would make people more warry about buying material for bombs and such from a public place. Anyone who wished to do so would have to order online, which would be monitored, or do black market meetings in a private residence. This way anyone who is put under suspicion can be background checked and put under surveillance. Now what makes someone a "threat"? Someone should only be considered a threat if there is concrete evidence of plotting, enacting, or of previous involvement with terroristic activity. Once those personel are identified they can be taken for torture and interrogation as long as the victim survives. Any method of tourture would be acceptable as long as everyone survives.

Smore 9 Aint rebellion fine

Rome Frazier



March 23, 2016

Uprising S’more

During the last half of the eighteenth century there was a political upheaval known as the

American Revolution. During this revolution, the thirteen colonies in North America joined together in order to break free from the British Empire. They then combined in order to become the United States of America. In response to this uprising the British sent combat troops to America to once again impose British rule. Ties to the British government were severed fully in July of 1776. The people in the states were inspired to join together to fight the British Empire because they were all very unhappy with the way the British Empire ran things. The American Revolution was powerful because it unified the thirteen colonies of North America for a common cause. If this uprising hadn’t happened then America would currently be under the control of the British Empire. Also, we most likely would not be the United States of America. The thirteen colonies would have stayed separate and only been united by the fact that they would all be under the power of the British government. Nothing would be as it is today. Today in Society there are uprising all over the place. For example, the black lives matter movement. Society is rising up against the ideology that black lives are less important. This further extends to the unrest of society over all the shootings of African American males by police officers. The Trevon Martin incident is a prime example of that specifically. In addition, Apple refusing to help the government hack into an iphone could be considered a kind of uprising because they are refusing to conform to the desires of the government. They would rather protect the privacy of their client base. There is also an uprising on social media sites such as Tumblr where countless people are trying to make people see how important social and racial equality is important and that the government and society aren’t doing enough about the lack thereof. Social justice uprisings aren’t just beginning though, they have always been around. It just wasn’t so centered on social media before. These things used to be done with rallies and protests. But now with the internet and how impactful it is, it is more effective to rebel on the internet because everything spreads more. It is that increased spread that makes it so effective. But no matter how much protest happens on the internet or in person, it will still take years on top of years for there to obe any real change.

Smore 8 Politifact

Rome Frazier



March 21, 2016


Under the Iran nuclear deal, "we give them $150 billion, we get nothing."

On Thursday March 15, 2016, Donald Trump said the above quote during a speech in Mar-a-lago. He thinks that the Iran nuclear deal is causing us to lose 150 billion dolllars for nothing. B in reality we are putting a stop on nuclear technology and Iran is losing most of its money because of debts. In order to fully understand and have a position on this argument one needs to first understand exactly what we are getting from the deal and what effect that will have on us people.

Donald Trump hired illegal workers "from Poland and he had to pay a million dollars or so in a judgment."

On Thursday February 25, 2016, Marco Rubio said the above quote in the GOP primary. He said this in order to make Trump seem like a hypocrite because he employed a vast number of the very people that he wants to get rid of (illegal workers). Trump hired a large amount of Polish illegal workers in order to build Trump Tower and had to pay about one million dollars in judgment fees. To really create a position for yourself in this argument it is important that you know Trump’s stance on illegal aliens as well as what happened with Trump’s illegal Polish workers.

"African-Americans are more likely to be arrested by police and sentenced to longer prison terms for doing the same thing that whites do."

On Tuesday February 25, on a TV ad, Hilary Clinton said the quote above. Clinton has been trying to gain support of black voters and calling out society on the discrimination against them is one of the best ways to do so. She points out that something is wrong here. Only 173 police department records show that black people aren’t being arrested more and given higher punishments than white people and other races. To make a more accurate position for yourself in this argument, one should look up statistics on the arrest rates of different races in different places. Also you might want to research more evidence of how black people are treated harsher than other races in order to make this argument even further viable.

"Since (welfare reform) was signed into law, the number of families living in extreme poverty has more than doubled."

On Wednesday, February 24, 2016, Bernie Sanders said the above quote during a news conference. He is pointing out that the personal responsibility and work opportunity acts have contributed to growing poverty. To create a better understanding and more accurate position in this argument one should research the poverty rates since t

Smore 10 Government wins again

Rome Frazier


12 grade LA

March 27, 2016

Just like Edward Snowden, who worked for the American National Security Agency, Winston Smith works in a government position as well. Neither of them are any kind of action hero either. They both were disgusted by the actions of the government around them. The difference between Snowden and Winston is that Snowden actually did something to combat this government he is so disgusted with. Another difference between them is that Snowden is not alone like Winston. Even though Winston has Julia, she isn’t truly with him. Her rebellion is only against a lack of entertainment. Winston on the other hand wants to resist the government itself. Snowden on the other hand has the support of those who think like him, support him, and shelter him. Winston has to find allies; Snowden on the other hand will never be short of supporters. One thing that the two definitely have in common is that if either is caught by the authorities for what they did, their lives will be pretty much over. Winston would be vaporized, and Snowden would probably be executed. As a result, neither of them can afford to be caught for their crimes.

Smore 11 Is technology really from heavan

I don't think that technology was sent from heaven because even though it has its uses it also has its attributes that make it more of a crutch. For example, when people do homework, a lot of times people will just simply Google the answers instead of taking the time to find them and learn the material. It has also become a basis for bullying. It was never meant to but it has. When technology came about, the intention wasn't to create a place for people to verbally assault one another, but that is all too normal these days. So no I don't think that technology was sent from the heavens and I think that believing it was is extremely naive.

Smore 12 Happiness vs Freedom

Would you prefer to be monitored every minute of every day and have to follow a regime in return for your safety, or not have this extensive watchful "protection" but have more freedom to do as you wish. Personally I think that freedom is more important because although you would be safe, what is the point in living if you aren't allowed to live your life like you want to. Having to follow certain guidelines for your entire life that will get you "vaporized" for not following isn't living. To an extent there is danger in everything we do. So why give up freedom for "protection" when we can keep our freedom and take our protection into our own hands? The government can't protect us from everything. That's why in my opinion freedom is more important than safety. Although the government can protect us from some things, the few things they can really protect us from aren't worth our freedom, especially when for the most part we can protect ourselves just as well while keeping our freedom.

Smore 13 Gaslighting

Rome Frazier

12th grade LA


May 1, 2016


Gaslighting is the manipulation of another person via psychological means causing the targeted person to question their own sanity. It is commonly used in, but not limited to, abusive relationships. Politicians also use this on other politicians as well as the media. A perfect example of this is Donald Trump. He lies nonstop and whenever he is confronted he shuts his accuser down by calling them liars and being so confident in his lies that he makes his accusers question what they know to be the truth. Evidence of Trumps lies can be found all over the internet with just a simple Google search. What about other politicians such as Hilary Clinton? In an interview she repeatedly implied that Bernie Sanders isn’t qualified to be president. Although she never used the word “unqualified”, it is quite obvious. Then when Sanders responded to this the media seemed to forget about what Clinton said and instead exploded with reactions to his response. Meanwhile, Clinton pretended she had no part in the situation even though she was the one who initiated it. What did the media do? It went along with Hilary’s act.

Smore 14 can we auto correct humanity

Rome Frazier


12 Grade LA

May 6, 2016

Smore 12 “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity”

It’s true that technology has integrated itself into every part of our lives and that this integration has become quite unhealthy. Instead of primarily being a way to get information and stay connected with friends and family it has instead continued to push us farther and farther apart. Face to face interaction outside of work or school has become more and more scarce. But how can we keep this from getting even worse and becoming permanent? The answer is simple. People have forgotten the value of face to face interaction, and the only way to bring that value back is to have that interaction again. We have to put our phones and all the social media it comes with to the side. Perhaps even leave them behind. Even when people do meet, they bring their phones and are on social media and other sites, so to avoid that we might simply have to leave the phones behind altogether. The main reason technology is having the effect on us that it does is social media. So many people are addicted to it, even if they won’t admit it. Everyone is so focused on their snapchat stories, or their facebook stories, or their twitter accounts, or their tumblrs. Studies have been done that actually show that people who are involved with social media actually tend to think less of their lives. Why is this? Because people only post the good parts of their lives on social media, so when people who are going through tough times, or just aren’t having the best day, see those posts, they wish that they had that life and feel like their life is worse than it is. They don’t realize that there is more going on than what people post. People also never want to stop posting things because they get followers and it makes them feel important. They think that having a thousand followers means they’ve actually accomplished something in their lives. But this is far from the truth. So can we control or fix this addiction? Only if we accept that we do indeed have a problem and take measures to rectify that problem. This will be extremely difficult though because people naturally don’t want to admit that anything is wrong with them. So really, the biggest barrier between us and recovery is ourselves. Personally, I don’t believe in using the big mainstream social media like snapchat, twitter, tumblr, or facebook. I don’t have any form of social media aside from text messaging. I use Technology such as my phone for finding information, watching video games on YouTube, and calling and texting people. That’s all. And I feel that is how technology should be used. If people do this then I believe they will not be slaves.

Smore 14 reflection

Rome Frazier


12 Grade LA

May 6, 2016

Media Literacy Unit Reflection

Since the first smore entry in the media literacy unit my understanding on media literacy deepened a little bit, which is being extremely generous. Even though we didn’t learn anything that contradicted what i said in my smore or anything that related enough to what is said to be of any value. But despite that i suppose that in some way or another, no matter how miniscule and irrelevant, my understanding of media literacy deepened. One of the only things i'm taking from this class is how even presidential candidates lie and manipulate the media. The class itself was different from my language arts classes in the sense that we got way more assignments and the assignments we received required much more thinking. The only main change that i could think of for this class would be to get rid of the smores because even though you're writing your thoughts into words, overall they did not provide any way to accurately measure our thinking capacity or improve it.