Tips To Get More Bookings!

How to Fill Your Calendars with Jewelry Bars

For those of you who need a little boost with getting more Jewelry Bars booked - or those of you who want some different ideas, here's a list of tips to consider:

  1. Hold an open house
  2. Set up a display at a craft fair or other event
  3. Put an “ask me” button on your coat or purse
  4. Don’t be shy striking up a conversation with new people you meet
  5. Call your past hostesses
  6. Follow through – make sure all of your customers are satisfied with their orders
  7. Host an office party on your lunch break
  8. Advertise in your local newspaper or church bulletin
  9. When new catalogs are released mail them out to anyone who has shown interest
  10. Set up a school fundraiser
  11. Offer holiday specials
  12. Make your parties fun and memorable – play some booking games
  13. Leave catalogs behind at your doctor’s and dentist’s office
  14. Exchange catalogs with another Direct Sales Rep
  15. Let your hostesses know how much they saved by hosting a party
  16. Get involved in a Bridal event
  17. Be friendly and excited about your products
  18. Get all of your customers on the O2 Connection Newsletter so that they are reminded about O2 once a month
  19. Wear your jewelry and strike up a conversation every chance you get
  20. Leave a catalog with your hair stylist
  21. Set up a display at the mall
  22. Dress your orders up as “gifts” to make your customers feel special
  23. Encourage friends and family to host a show
  24. Mention the hostess rewards at least twice every party
  25. Make it look easy and do the work for your hostess
  26. Advertise in your local newspaper
  27. Leave your business card behind with a generous tip for your waitress
  28. Host a mystery hostess party
  29. Leave flyers and business cards on public bulletin boards in your area
  30. Offer a special for return customers
  31. During your party mention your hostess’s goal
  32. Maintain an active fan page and other social media sites
  33. Encourage guests to take a Take out Menu with them to share with family, friends and coworkers
  34. Ask past hostess’s to talk about their free products
  35. Host a Christmas, Valentine’s or other Holiday shopping show for men