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December 6, 2021

Practicing the Gift of Presence

Hi All,

We made it to the end of the year. As I reflected on what to write, I thought about what I heard adults and children talk about. I could focus on many things, but what kept coming to my mind was the gift of time. It came down to four steps to giving someone your time.

Step 1: Think of the person you want to give your time to.

Step 2: Give your time! It can be tempting to want to buy something for them, but the best present is the time you can give them.

Step 3: When you spend time with them, give your whole self. Set aside technology, your to-do list; don’t take shortcuts.

Step 4: The time you spend should be special between you and the person you serve. It doesn’t need to be posted for all to see.

In 2018 Forbes magazine had an article called, Giving the Give of Time. In it were some suggestions. Some that were noteworthy were, be efficient, planning, and being intentional. Finally, several years ago, I met with a student and asked her why she had been absent. She expressed that she had been sick. She said it was the best time she had ever had. I was surprised that she felt being sick was a good time. I inquired why it was a good time. She said her mom had taken time off work to stay home with her. She then shared all the things they did. They did go anywhere but stayed home; they simply spent time together. I then asked her if she could choose to go to Disneyland or a dream vacation with her mom or re-do the time she just spent with her mom what she would choose. Without hesitation, she emphatically said, spend time like I just did with my mom. The time we give to others is the most valuable gift we can provide. May you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.

Best Wishes,

Sam Grabert

~Time is a precious gift!~


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