Summer Reading Project

By Jenna Rumph

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About The Author

Andrew Lane, also goes by Andy Lane, was born in 1963. He lives in Dorset, England with his wife and son. His first book in the Sherlock Holmes series, Death Cloud, was published in June 2010


The setting is at a basic town in the 1860s, at Sherlock's strange aunt and uncle's house.

Character Analysis

Sherlock Holmes:

Sherlock is a very logical person and is very precise. He's intelligent and knows how to get out of tough situations. He's a 14 year old boy who is a student at a boarding school called Deepdene.

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Sherlock's father is suddenly shipped off to India and has to stay with his aunt and uncle in Farnham. Shortly after Sherlock arrives, he figures out his brother, Mycroft, had hired him an American tutor named Amyus Crowe. During one of their lessons, Sherlock finds a dead body and sees the same cloud around the body that Matty had claimed to see. He finds a yellow powdery substance and takes a sample for his tutor. He decides to go to Guildford to an expert for information over the yellow powder. He then discovers that it is bee pollen. They find out that the Baron is shipping out a fort of uniforms for war filled with a chemical that attracts killer bees. After figuring about his plans, he is kidnapped to France. But he soon escapes and wrecks the plans of the Baron by destroying the fort with bee pollen and an oil lamp.