30 Years' War


The Beginning

The Thirty Years’ War started in 1618 between Catholics and Protestants in Germany. It is called the Thirty Years’ War because it ended in 1648, thirty years after it began. In 1618, the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II of Bohemia tried to restrict the religious freedom of Germans because of the increase of Protestants, which caused the Protestants to rebel. The Protestants were aided in the war by Great Britain, the Dutch Republic, and Denmark. Ferdinand was aided by the German Catholics, Spain, and the papacy.

The Ending

After the death of the Duke of Mantua in 1612. Everything got out of control. Italy was left without a ruler. That made Charles Emmanuel declared himself ruler of Mantua. Milan invaded Savoy and Charles was forced to withdraw from Mantua. Charles then forwarded a legal claim to Mantua. Spain determined that Charles should not take over this territory and attacked Savoy. Charles was defeated and had to re-open the “Spanish Road” which he had shut for the duration of the conflict. Habsburgs was split and the Dutch made people of Bohemia problem of rising up against their Austrian Habsburg masters increase. Spain got involved by helping Habsburgs. Spain troops moved through the Spanish Road and that cause France to help the Dutch. This will all lead to Europe descending into a war that would tear her apart.




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