Media Literacy Reflection

Part I

My views on Media Literacy have deepened from my original thoughts on the subject, because I feel that my initial opinion was very vague, but now that I have the knowledge and understanding of the subject, I can describe Media Literacy in more words than I could had expressed in the past. I got to see first-hand how effective and crafty the media really is, and most of the stuff we saw was something that is seen in our everyday lives. I learned that making an ad for a product isn’t as easy as it looks, and that a lot of thought goes into how it is presented and what exactly goes into the work to make it effectively show the product. One thing that I can take away from this class is that I shouldn’t believe everything I see in the media, because even the most realistic looking person is most likely Photoshopped. I think that this class was definitely different from other classes I took because we didn’t really read about British Literature, unless it was related to Media Literacy. I also thought it was interesting that we didn’t do any vocabulary quizzes like a lot of the other classes. I think that in the future there should be more of an in depth review of the book 1984 before you go into reading so that students have even more understanding of what their reading so that the book doesn’t become boring after the first few chapters. Also, I feel that reviewing Macbeth with the drawings and posters really helped me understand the book and its lessons that it had for us to learn. I’ve always had a passion for writing essays, and this class augmented my skills and made me the skillful writer I am now, and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.