Red Pony Death and Manhood

By: Hunter Blackburn

Death and Manhood

On a ranch near Salinas, a young boy named Jody journeys from boyhood to manhood in John Steinbeck’s The Red Pony. A first hand experience with the death of his beloved pony forces him to mature. The Gabilan and Gitanio teaches Jody about life. Life can be cruel and depressing. Nothing is fair and nothing will go your way, even if you hear what will happen and try to evade it.

Key Passage from The Red Pony

Manhood because Jody sees lots of things die. Gabilan, Gitanio, Mare, and the bird. All of these died, but with each death Jody got more mature. By the end, Jody was mature for his age and didn't care for childish games.

Personal Connection

When I was young I was adopted and I saw a lot of death. With each death got bolder, and more serious. When I saw my dog die, he was my friend, I never cried but felt sorrow inside. I saw friends and people I've seen died. Last summer I was at ETV where 2 people died. It was upsetting because one fell in looking for rock and the other tried to save him, it was the saddest moment for everyone there. for 3 days we memorialized there memory by respecting there death and sing to them.