Transportation in Ecuador

The best ways to get around


Buses are one of the best ways to get ways to get around the cities in Ecuador. Almost every city has a central bus terminal. Tickets from these terminals are cheap and allow you to access buses across the entire network. Reservations are generally only required during the holiday season. The Ejuctivo line of buses is a more comfortable, albeit more expensive, ride.
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Ecuador's highway system is ranked as one of the best in the world. It has taken five years to build the system, but the results have been great. Most international car rental agencies have a presence in Ecuador. Trucks and buses tend to slow down highway travel, though this can be remedied by hiring drivers through your hotel or the local tourist office.
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Ecuador has the best motorcycle trails in South America, both paved and unpaved. These trails are perfect for motorcycles, since there isn't automobile traffic. When traveling by motorcycle in Ecuador, you should prepare for rapidly changing conditions. Snow, rain, hail, and the hot sun are equally common. Dress in layers!
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