American Chesapeake Club

Fun Weekend Come Join Us.

Ever thought about doing Obedience, Conformation or Field work? We will be providing Demonstrations in each discipline!!

There will be a place to camp all welcome. Camping place available Friday

If you can only make it part of a day come on down things will be happening all day.
Items we will be focusing on.
• Field work
• Obedience
• Conformation
• General care for your canine / other items as time allows

Fun Weekend

Saturday, May 31st, 9am to Sunday, June 1st, 5pm

1649 O Brien Rd, Mayville, MI, 48744 United States

!!! Both Days will be full Of Fun For ALL !!!
We will be working on providing a Canine Good Citizen test
Potluck Lunch each day meat will be provided along with beverages.
Photographer will be on grounds taking pictures. Digital copies will be available to you at no cost.
The only cost for you would be live birds if used.
Looking forward to having a Great Time!!!
Contact Michelle Keehn ACC Regional Director (RD) if you need any Information
Phone 989-325-1738