Natural Disasters

North Texas Tornado/Hail Strom 2012

April 3, 2012

It was a fierce storm, it damaged many things like schools and trailers.Many people died from this tragic incident.So many thing were to be repaired and reconstructed.Both tornados were huge and was picking up things and destroying them on its way.It was a terrible thing that happened in North Texas.

Food and Water

The food was pretty good before the storm happened.But after the food was wasted away there wasn't as much food as there was like before.They had to store food and water again.But over all most of their food and water was LOST.

Energy-The houses had perfect power.About 6,000 buildings lost there power.It was really bad, like 80% of them lost power.


Abiotic- Houses,Trailers,Cars,Tractors,Roofs and walls were being torn down and washed away

Biotic-Trees,Animals,People, and Plants

Dallas, Tx Tornado Tosses Tractor Trailers April 3, 2012!