Berlin Wall

´´The Death Strip``


The Berlin Wall was a wall that surrounded the ⅓ of Germany. The purpose of building the Berlin Wall was because East Berlin was the Democratic Republic, West Berlin was free so citizens in East wanted to come to the West. The Democratic Republic didn't want Russia to take over East Berlin because they were having a fight since the cold war, so that’s why they built the Berlin Wall so all Russian citizens wouldn't go to the East Berlin. The Berlin Wall didn't change the world but Berlin and Germany, it made democracy advance, improving relationship with other countries, also peace, unfortunately, people were separated from their families and friends. Also it ended and started the Cold War.

Change 1: Democracy

There were many advances toward democracy. East Berliners and West Berliners and the democracy aren't dealing with freedom problems. Democracy is now very secure of people-if war, evacuating, warning people before war starts.

Change 2: War

Berlin Wall wasn't an event involving war, but however, the current president in Berlin was Mr.Gorbachev, and he stopped the Cold War by announcing to the world, that he doesn't want war anymore, and United States also agreed. That's how it got ended.

Change 3: Freedom

People got separated from their families and friends because of Berlin Wall and lost their jobs. Some families, lived in the east and other people in the west, some people may have been traveling in the East Berlin and got stuck on the other side. Thousands of people risked their lives trying to get over. Hundreds died. Now that is gone, people don't have to risk their lives for freedom and finally people reunited after twenty-three years.
Moments in History - The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Were the Changes Positive or Negative?

Berlin Wall changed the world and the change was between good and bad. It’s good because it made the Democracy advance toward and also because if West Berlin people would go over the East part, Russia would take over the Ruined East Berlin. Why I think it’s also bad is because made many families be separated from their families and friends.


Berlin Wall was basically a wall that prevented Eastern people going over the West Part because the West Part was better place to live in than the East Part. They were actually included in the Cold War and with a fight with Russia. If the citizens from East moved to the West, it would have been a part of Russia, but thanks to the Berlin Wall, it blocked their ways from going to the West.

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