Neolithic Revolution

Where,When,Why/The first crops/The first farm animals


The first homes ever where the caves . thats when they had just started painting and kept moving all over the world.But they started to settle in permanent societies but the first appearance in civilization was the fertile cresent and that was the first settlement because the crops grew faster and the soil was rich in the fertile cresent and thats when that was the first . They started settleing in because of crops.They started studying crops to see how they grew and what they needed to grow

The first crops

Farming developed during the neolithic revolution because they discovered how to grow crops and they had to study what they needed to grow .they started settling in the Fertile crescent and the soil helped the crops to grow and hunter gathers became different and made different jobs and that's how societies started to get built. Woman discovered how to farm because the men were out hunting and they also noticed noticed a pattern to help the crops grow better.India discovered to farm wheat.The middle east discovered how to farm figs, lentils,and rye.China discovered how to farm millet and rice. America discovered corn,beans,and squash. Since other men didn't hunt they started doing other jobs and that's how they started out and made a civilization.

The first farm animals

The first farm animals that were DOMESTICATED where sheep ,pigs goats and other small animals,but the first animal ever to be domesticated were wolves but they then were bred and became dogs ,they were used for hunting. The largest animals to be domesticated were oxen cows bulls and other big creatures for many resourses like the cow produces milk and cheese and other dairy products that have or need milk. they also discovored that the manure from the pigs and animals helped the crops grow. they were also used as food to eat and cook they cut open an animal to see if it had disease if it didnt then they would eat it but if it had a disease they would just throw it away they also where where working on the fields and they were called the beast of burden his caused less people to work on the field and do and apply for different jobs