Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

The Burial Place of St. James


Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is a Roman Catholic Church located in the northwestern part of Spain. The city of Galicia is where Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela lies in. This beautiful church shares its streets with the main plaza of the old and cared for city.

A Map of its Location

What is Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela?

The word Cathedral in Spanish means literally "Big Church". This Church was the Symbol for the Spanish Christians troubles against Islam. The Spanish Christians were under attack by the Muslims and then their beloved Church was also being threatened. Near the of that century it was rebuilt. Santiago de Compostela is known for its medieval history and its amazing monuments of St. James. St. James was the Apostel of Jesus.

The worshipping of St. James

Botafumeiro in Santiago de Compostela Cathedral (Spain)

Cathedral Of Santiago de Compostela

Cathedral entrance

History Of St. James the Great and his Contributions to the Church

St. James the Great was an important part of Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela because he traveled to the Iberian Peninsula, he also became one of the first Bishops of Jerusalem and brought Christianity to the Celtic people. In 44 B.C.E he was martyred by Herod Agrippa because he was a Christian. Herod Agrippa was part of the Roman Empire. After his death the Spanish Christians had to leave St. James's shrine and then follow the Roman Empire. Later the shrine was forgotten because they had to join the Roman Empire. Later on a hermit had a vision of the spot where St. James was and found the Relics and Tomb of St. James. The relics showed that St. James was a real Bishop to the city of Jerusalem. Spain later dreaded for a new champion to open the eyes of the Christians against attacking the Moors. Time went by and then the Pilgrimage began.

St. James The Great

Why did the Christians think Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela was sacred/ Why did they worship it?

The Christians consider it to be the most important sacred church because of its Romanesque structure. In 1078 the church before this one was torn apart and destroyed by the Moorish invaders. After that the town of Galicia built another church (Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela) and went into a Pilgrimage destination only by Jerusalem and Rome. Pilgrims traveled the long Camino de Santiago (Route of St. James) throughout France and Spain; they prayed at the tomb of St. James to gain religious respect from St. James. These reasons are why the Christians worshiped Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

The Christians only worshiped it because St. James the Apostle, brother of St. John believed that the alter was built around St. James grave. During the Middle Ages the Christians used to travel the routes visting pilgrimage churches around Spain. Every Church contained a remain or body part of a saint. Santiago de Compostela was the last place for the Pilgrimage. St. James was one of the Traditional apostles which makes him very important to Christ and that is why he is always worshiped in Christianity.

St. James on A prayer card

Prayers from St. James

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