World's Most Dangerous Places

A summary of the most dangerous places in the world and why


Caleb Brouse- Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia

Alana Monson- Anchorage, Alaska

Drew Voge- Chile

Ellen Keast- Rat Islands, Alaska


Just beneath the surface of our world lies liquid, hot magma and gargantuan plates that collide, grind, and advance towards each other. Each day they push the boundaries of each other, creating world disasters. These disasters will occur all around the world. Different tectonic plates and boundaries create different reactions to the movements beneath our surface. Between volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and mountains that appear every day, our world is dangerous. Four of the thousands of locations that will be discussed today are Rat Islands, Alaska; Anchorage, Alaska; Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia; and Chile.

Why Do People Live In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky?

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is a city located on the coast. It is located in the southeast of the Kamchatka peninsula. It is surrounded by volcanoes to the north, west, and east and to the south is the ocean. There are so many mountains that the horizon cannot be seen clearly from any point in the city. This city is the largest and the capital of Russia's Kamchatka peninsula. It is the second largest city in the world that is unreachable by road. This place is well known for its snow capped mountains that attract a lot of skiers and snowboarders. It is also known for great views, fishing, and whale watching.

Tectonic Activity

The tectonic plate activating in this region is present, because it located on the north american plate. Near the convergent boundary of the pacific plate in the north west part of the plate. When the plates collide it causes lots of earthquakes, but many more volcanic eruptions. This tectonic activity creates mountains, igneous rock, and metamorphic rock. The tectonic activity has created the Avacha Bay and the Avachinsky Volcano.

Why is this place the most dangerous place in the world?

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is one of the most dangerous tectonic-ally active places in the world. This place has huge volcanoes and lots of them. The earthquakes cause massive avalanches due to the snow capped mountains. Many people ski there and they can do it year round. But the avalanches from earthquakes can cause mass destruction. One of the biggest earthquakes near Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was a 8.2 earthquake that hit to the west of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. There were no deaths in the earthquake, fortunately there also only minor property damage to the west. This is why Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is one of the most tectonic-ally active places in the world.

About Anchorage

There are many dangerous places in this world. One extremely dangerous place is Anchorage, Alaska. Of course there are both pros and cons to every place in this world, which is why people still choose to live here. Anchorage, although bitterly cold, can be beautiful. With the towering mountains and powdery snow, it is definitely a scenic place. Some people choose to move here for the vast selection of wilderness. Many people travel to Alaska for the hunting and fishing.

Tectonic Activity in Alaska

In order for most earthquakes to be summoned, there needs to be two tectonic plates present. In this case, it is the Pacific Plate and the North American plate. The type of boundary caused by these two plates is a convergent boundary with subduction, so the plates are colliding while the oceanic plate, in this case the Pacific plate, is being sucked under the continental plate. From a convergent boundary, a deep trench can occur or it could cause an off-shore volcano chain. This is the most dangerous type of boundary, and can cause both earthquakes and volcanoes.


Altogether, the earthquakes in Alaska have caused 298 deaths. A majority of these deaths have come from two earthquakes in particular. The 1946 earthquake caused 165 deaths, and the 1964 earthquake caused 128 deaths. Although there are a small number of volcanoes still present near Anchorage, they pose little threat. Alaska also displays a few dormant volcanoes. The destruction caused by the earthquakes can cost a lot. The 1946 earthquake caused about 26 million dollars in damage, and the 1964 earthquake cost somewhere from 300 to 400 million dollars in damage. In addition to this, there was also an enormous amount of damage to airplanes during that time. Now you can understand why Anchorage, Alaska is so dangerous, and decide for yourself whether you think it is worth the risk to live there or not.

About Chile and Why Should You Live Here

Situated on the southeastern part of South America, beside Argentina, is a long, narrow piece of land called Chile. While this country has a population of 17.64 million residents this country has amazing sights to see. One of the best sights to see is the breathtaking view of the Andes Mountains. Chile also has fascinating beaches and dine-ins. Along with its amazing sightseeing events, there are stunning things you can try such as sand-boarding. The high altitude conditions of the dry air make it perfect to view an astonishing view of the sky full of bright shining stars. All of the activities and sightseeing makes this country and great place to live.

Tectonic Activity in Chile

Besides the reasons people could live here, there is also tectonic activity. Chile sits on two plate boundaries known as the convergent and the divergent boundaries. The convergent boundary is when two tectonic plates are colliding with each other. The divergent boundary is when two tectonic plates are separating from each other. These plates have created shocking land features such as the Carnegie Ridge and the Darwin Gap.

Why It's Dangerous

Other than the tectonic activity, this place is known to have had the largest earthquake, that had a magnitude of a 9.5, in the world which that has makes this place super dangerous. Approximately 1,655 people died, 3,000 injured, 2 million homeless, and about $550 million damage. This earthquake caused and enormous tsunami which caused another $125.5 million damage. The frequency of earthquakes in Chile happen monthly which is another reason why Chile is such a dangerous place. Besides the dangerous earthquakes, there’s also enormous volcanoes in Chile. There have been numerous amount of eruptions here but a most recent one is one known as the Puyehue Volcano which made thousands of people evacuate. This volcano hasn't erupted last since 1960. It sent ash 6 miles into the air across Argentina. Overall, this is why Chile is the most dangerous place on earth.

The Rat Islands - Location

Clear blue waters, mountainous ranges, and wild grasses inhabit the Rat Islands. The waters are as clear as blue sky and the weather as cold as ice. Although no people live on the islands, don’t be fooled, the sights and views are absolutely spectacular. The Islands are believed to have been ruled by Rats since the early 1700’s. Today, the islands are believed to have been Rat free since 2009.

Tectonic Activity in the Rat Islands

Several hundred kilometers away from Anchorage, Alaska, lies a volcanic chain of islands. It may seem calm of the surface, but kilometers below the surface lie the Pacific and North American Plates. The Rat Islands are dead in the middle of a subduction zone. In case you aren't familiar with subduction zones, it means when a tectonic plate pushes itself over another tectonic plate. Within this convergent boundary earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountainous ranges are created. Making the Rat Islands extremely treacherous.

Evidence of Damage

An example of showing the absolute danger of this area would be in 1965 when a magnitude of 8.7 rattled Alaska. Several islands around reported that airport tarmac was cracked in the sheer force. Then, the earthquake, causing a tsunami that caused over $10,000 in damage. Although there were no casualties, this is one of the largest earthquakes ever in recorded history. Even though that was 1965, USGS reports several earthquakes every week in the Rat Islands. The last at a 3.0 magnitude. Instability and peril lie just underneath the islands, no matter how small or large the danger is.


From learning and discussing the dangers and treachery of our world, people can be aware of the areas that are deceiving. Locations of scenery and divine, clear waters or majestic views of a beautiful valley or volcano are critically unstable regions. Locations of beauty can fool anyone, by being aware of the plates beneath our feet, it could save your life.