New York State! :)

Hey I'm Morrigan and I'm gonna take you ona short tour of NY

About New York State

New York State is an amazing place all the buildings and places and the amazing seanery.
Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire

About The Videio

This video is on here because it relates to me as it saying "You can try but you'll never forget her name." and people try to forget my name because I'm weird and to remind you my name is Morrigan. (and i like being weird because i'm just being me.) Also i picked it because it says "She has feet on the grown and she's burning it down" and i like this sond/ love this song. by: Morrigan
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American Authors - The best Day of My Life Lyrics on Screen
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If You Are Not Convinced.

If your not convinced and still not convinced after this I'm ok with it because i can't control your mind and i just want to say you can do almost everything in New York besides braking there laws,littering,and murdering someone but were free to do anything we want with in there laws but were still free! :)

meeting the designer.

Hi i'm Morrigan and i want to say thank you for reading my flier and i want you to have a good time at New York State if you can. (:D) Oh did i mention that everyone there has the time of there life ya, that's right.
Sad Story: I Wouldn't Mind -- [Roblox] HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

This is a sad and happy story/vidio/song/

This is a very emontional song but even tho it's that way it has a way to fit love in it and it realy makes you want to cry.