Peirce Update

August 29, 2021

Greetings Peirce Families!

Tomorrow we welcome students back to class, full time and I could not be more excited! After waiting three years, the PK Branch also opens tomorrow at 5300 N Broadway, providing access to Pre-School for up to 180 children in the Uptown and Edgewater communities.

For some students, tomorrow will be the first time in over a year and a half that they have physically been in school, while others returned to a hybrid model in the Spring. What is new for every student and staff member is this is the first time that we will be in school full time, five days a week. Please know that our teachers and support staff are prepared to support your children with the transition back to school and we know that transitions take time. Your children may come home with a variety of emotions tomorrow - some full of joy and excitement, others tired, hungry, apprehensive or even scared - this is to be expected. We are here to support you and your child - please be in communication with your child's teacher if there are concerns or celebrations that you feel important to share with them as we partner together this school year.

This years school-wide theme is in alignment with our IB Units "Who We Are" throughout the year, our school-wide events will focus on learning more about who we are as a school, as a community, as families, as individual students and staff members. I look forward to seeing our school community evolve as we focus on learning more about each other, our similarities, differences and how collectively we can come together to create the best possible environment for our children.


Lori Zaimi


School Updates

School Schedules

Reopening Updates

  • CPS released the Parent, Educator and External Guide for Reopening. Please spend some time becoming familiar with the districts plan for reopening.
  • Families will receive a health attestation form tomorrow, to be completed by Friday of this week. There will no longer be a daily health screener completed and checked at school. Families are asked to follow the health guidance provided by the district, keeping children home when they are sick.
  • If students are asked to quarantine as a CPS action, there will be a remote option available that is managed by the students teacher.
  • I was able to finalize a plan late Thursday night to have all K-8 students eat outside when the weather is cooperative. K-4 students will eat in grassy areas on Bryn Mawr and the community garden/bench areas on Gregory. 5th-8th grade students will eat at lunch tables that will be set up outside of the lunchroom. Breakfast will be eaten in the classroom. PK students will also eat in the classroom to begin the school year, once students have transitioned in, we can explore the possibility of having PK students eat outdoors as well. Please know that the PK Classrooms are significantly larger with fewer students than the K-8 classrooms. We are still thinking through a plan for inclement weather/cold weather days ahead.
  • Self-Reporting of COVID19 Positive Cases

YMCA/Temporary School Based Programs

  • The YMCA after school program will begin on Monday, August 30th, one week earlier than initially communicated.
  • The YMCA before school program will begin on Tuesday, September 7th.
  • The PK Branch before/after care temporary program will begin on Tuesday, August 31st and families should have already received communication about being accepted.
  • The PK-8th grade Main Building temporary program will begin on Tuesday, September 7th and families should have already received communication about being accepted.

Emergency Drills

In accordance with the Illinois School Safety Drill Act, we will be conducting required emergency drills in a conventional manner. The drills are conducted in adherence to COVID precautions to ensure student and staff safety. The following drills are conducted in September and October:

  • Evacuation/Fire
  • Law Enforcement/Lockdown
  • Bus Evacuation

Please reach out to Kristen Munoz (, Assistant Principal with any questions.

Family Meeting Video & Slide Deck

Click Here for a copy of the August 24th family meeting on our return to school.

Click Here for a copy of the slide deck

Back to School Information

Family Handbook

School Supply Lists

Can be found at the top of the Peirce Website

***Please do NOT bring all of your classroom supplies on the first day of school - students should only bring what they are able to carry and can bring materials in over the course of multiple days.***

Door Entry

Click here for where students should meet their teachers on the first day of school.

PK Branch - Berwyn side of the building

PK Main - Door #4

Kinder 126 & 128 - Door #4

Kinder 101 & 110 - Door #10

1st Room 102 - Door #10

1st 103,104,105 - Door #8

2nd - Door #5

3rd - Door #9

4th - Door #7

5th - Door #6

6th - Door #6

7th - Door #9

8th - Door #7

Student Fees

Pay your student fees here:

*Peirce lost $300,000 in funding as a result of our decrease in poverty rate. Funds collected from school fees go towards the purchasing of classroom materials along with other school-wide needs to keep our school operational. We understand that some families are unable to pay the fee while others may be able to pay more than what we ask for - if you are able to contribute more, please consider doing so. If you are unable to pay the fee, we understand. If you are able to pay part of the fee, please consider making a partial payment.

Open House

Tuesday, September 21st at 5:00pm. We will keep families informed on the format of this meeting (virtual or in person) by September 14th.

School Year 2021-2022 Calendar

Free After School Programs

Peirce received Out of School Time funds to provide free after school programs from 3:00 - 4:00pm for students in Kinder through 8th grades. Brooke Thompson organizes this program and will share program sign up information in the middle of September.

Morning Entry Detail

This document indicates where teachers will meet students on the first day of school.

While we love family pets, Dogs and Animals in general are not allowed on school grounds - please help us keep our students safe!

Students are the only ones that will enter the building through the Gregory side of the building, Visitors to the school will enter at door #1. Due to COVID 19, most inquiries will be handled at the door and not in the school building.

First Day of School: All teachers will meet students in their designated exterior location at 8:00am.

All other days: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and 1st Grade teachers will meet students in their designated exterior location at 8:00am. 2nd through 8th grade students will walk up on their own beginning at 7:58am. On days where there is extreme rain or cold, students will be able to enter the building at 7:50am through their same entry door, but will wait in the Inclement Weather Entry Location.

Peirce Pre-Kindergarten Branch, 5300 N. Broadway
Entry: Families are able to drop students off at 7:45am for early entry. An early entry time is available for families who will have children at both the Branch Location and the Main Campus. At 8:00am teachers will meet students on the Berwyn side of the building to bring students in who did not arrive early.

Dismissal: Teachers will line students up on the Berwyn side of the building for dismissal for families to pick up their child.

Accommodations for Families

Accommodations for School Meetings
Peirce strives to make meetings as accessible as possible. For this reason, we routinely include the following accommodations for meetings:

Virtual Meetings

  • Video and chat functions optional for participants
  • Live transcript is on (for English)
  • YouTube streaming for those who prefer that platform (during LSC Meetings only)
  • Spanish-English interpretation
  • Closed captioning

In Person Meetings
  • Spanish-English interpretation
  • Use of microphones as appropriate
  • Printed copies of materials as appropriate

If you need accommodations beyond those specified here, please contact the Principal, Lori Zaimi, in writing at, at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting you would like to attend. Please know that the school will work to fulfill accommodations as they are able to, but cannot guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled. Requests submitted as far in advance as possible will help with this process.

*Please note Chicago Public Schools Americans with Disability Act Policy

Sports Program Registration for 5th-8th Grade Students

CPS sports has returned for the 2021-2022 school year! For the fall season, 5th-8th students can participate in volleyball, soccer, or cross country. The registration form is below for those interested in participating in a fall sport. Forms can be printed out and turned in the first week of school to our athletic director Luis Carbajal or you can fill out the form electronically and email it to Please make a copy of the registration form if filling out the form electronically.

Any other questions or concerns, please email We look forward to having sports back at Peirce!

Upcoming Calendar Dates


30th First Day of School, 8:00am - 3:00pm


14th Friends of Peirce Meeting, 6:30pm

21st Open House, 5:00 - 6:30pm

23rd Local School Council Meeting, 6:00pm

24th Restorative Practices Information Session, 9:00am

School Year 22 Calendar