Density of Solids


Have you ever picked a 50 pound bar at the gym? From looking at it, it seems light because of its size, but when you pick it up it is heavy. This is because it's very dense. Density is the amount of stuff in a substance in relation to its size. Density has a very basic equation to find it out, Density= Mass/Volume. Mass it the amount of matter in an object and volume is its size. So the equation is simple to understand. In this lab we will show you how to figure out densities of multiple objects, understand the idea of density, and be surprised about how their size not mattering in their density. Which one do you think is the most dense and which do you think is the least dense? And most importantly what are they?


Do not play with the rocks.

Do not drop any of the rocks.

Wear closed toed shoes.

Do not cut yourself on the rocks, they can be sharp.


3 different rocks.

Triple Beam Balance

Graduated cylinder





Predict the densities in a journal without lifting them.

Set a rock onto the triple beam balance.

Find the rocks mass using it.

Record the mass in your journal.

Repeat steps 2-4 for the other rocks.

Fill a graduated cylinder to 50ml.

Put the rock into the cylinder.

Record the new volume and subtract it from the original and that's the volume.

Repeat steps 6-8 for the other rocks.

Calculate the density for each rock using the equation mass/volume= density.

Clean up workspace.