Conrad Richter

By Bond, Katherine Grace, and Moriah Grace

The Life and Story of Conrad Richter

Conrad Richter was born in the town of Pine Grove in Pennsylvania on October 13, 1890. Richter was a man known for his writing abilities. He became an editor for the Patton Courier when he was about nineteen years old. He became the founder of a juvenile magazine in 1928. He loved American history so he became an author and wrote many great books. He is really known for the books Sea of Grass and The Towns. The Water of Kronos got Richter a Newbery Award. Richter died in 1968 on October 30 in the town of Pottsville also in Pennsylvania. Richter was a great man with a great talent for writing.

Richter's Most Popular Novels:

Richter's most popular novels were The Towns, The Sea of Grass, The Fields, and The Awakening. One of the novels that he got a Newbery Award for was, The Water of Kronos.

Conrad Richter and Novels:

Richter's Middle Ages and Late Years

His Marriage and Death

In 1915, Richter got married and lived life as a publisher. In the year of 1928, his wife became ill and so they moved to Albuquerque and to the University of Mexico. Later on in life, he moved to Arizona. In this time of his life, is when he became the writer that he was. Richter reached the age of 78 and died in the year of 1968 in Pottsville, PA.