Keeping my Community Disease free

We all need to do 1 thing

Whats some way's that we can keep our community free of any diseases?

One way that we can keep our community free from any diseases is that we can always wash our hands when we touch anything that does not belong to us. We can also always remember to cover our mouths when we sneeze or when we cough so that we don't transmit any of our diseases to anyone else that does not want the disease. We can also stay healthy by not smoking while having children in the car and by not smoking anything bad.

We can also try not to pollute as much by not taking our car everywhere we go, we don't need to take our car down one house or even five houses we can walk or ride a bike so that we don't have to worry about our children growing up knowing that they will have to worry for their children when it comes to pollution in their town and also so they don't have to worry about wearing a mask everywhere they go because of how polluted it is in their country.

Another way is that they can stay away from any diseases is that they can disinfect any of their surfaces that have been used by a lot of people and that they could also make sure that they don't share anything with other people because they can get a cold from it if the person hasn't washed their hands or if they have a cold. A way that you can help from someone else getting sick is that you can stay home when you are sick. When you are sick and you are going around and touching everyone then they might get the cold that you have or a different disease.

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Remember to WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!

What to do when someone is sick in your house

You want to make sure that you care for them and that you help them so they don't have to be sick anymore. One thing that you can do is that you can give them some warm soup because the soup helps soothe their throat. You can also make sure that they always have a box of tissues because they need to blow their nose and they don't want snot to run down their mouth. Make sure that they don't touch drink or do anything with anyone else because that can make a risk of them and the other person. You want to make sure that anything that they touch you sanitize so that they don't pass the disease o to someone else and also so that when they no longer have the disease that they don't get it again.