Tech Ninja Blast

Week of March 21, 2016

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This Week's "JOT": Chrome Extension - "Save to Google Drive"

Imagine being able to quickly send webpage content directly to your Google Drive without having to first download it, save it, then re-upload it? This Google Chrome Extension: Save to Google Drive, saves images or whole screenshots to your Google Drive in just a single step. Once installed, you can click on the "Save to Drive" extension icon (which will be visible in your top tool tray - see below) to take a screenshot of the entire webpage you're on and save it as image file directly into your Google Drive. You even have the choice to name and organize the screenshot at the same time. Being able to save websites, screenshots and images can be invaluable as you build your curriculum and class resources.
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Q: "Can a student re-take or re-do a test they already took in Illuminate and if so, what happens to their original score?"

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A: Yes, it is possible to give students the same test again. To do so, however, the student's original score would first need to be deleted.

This is quit simple to do:

  1. Under the "Assessments" tab select "List Assessments" and select the assessment you want the student(s) to retake.
  2. You'll see an active link of the number of students who have already taken the test. Once clicking on that number, you will get the entire list of students who have taken the test and you can select the one (or more) who's score(s) you want to delete and click "Delete selected assessment scores" (the red button on the lower part of the page - see screenshots below).
  3. You'll then see an "Are you sure?" warning, making sure that you know you're about to pass the "point of no return" for deleting the score(s).

After that, you're now ready to re-assign the test to the student(s) - or re-scan their answer sheet as you normally would as if for the first time. The other students' data is left intact.

Again, if you're interested in how you can better leverage Illuminate in your classroom to streamline your assessments and improve overall organization of student performance data, contact a tech ninja today!

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Where's Binder This Week?

  • Mon, March 21: English Dept Meeting (HS), Ed-Tech Plan Dev (DO), MCOE Meeting
  • Tues, March 22: Clarity-BrightBytes Data Review (DO), Ed-Tech Support (MS), CAASPP Training Dev (DO), Ed-Tech Plan Review Session (DO)
  • Wed, March 23: Ed-Tech Support - (FG)
  • Thurs, March 24: Ed-Tech Plan Dev, CAASPP Training Dev. (DO)
  • Fri, March 25: Spring break begins