jackie malish 4th period

election of carter


  • Democrat
  • 297 electoral votes compared to 240
  • Promised no lies
  • 97% of African Americans voted for Carter

humanitarian efforts

  • Human rights for blacks in Zimbabwe and South Africa
  • Camp David conference with Egypt President and Israel Prime Minister
  • Signed accord lessening tensions
  • Return to diplomatic relations with China
  • Proposals by Carter to give Panama control over Panama Canal

economic and energy issues

  • Double digit inflation
  • Pay more for foreign products, not receive same money from their goods
  • OPEC dramatically increased oil prices
  • Isolation no longer an option
  • Budget deficits
  • High cost of borrowing
  • Shah Pahlevi overthrown for trying to westernize the country

Beginning of the Iranian hostage crisis

  • November 4, 1979
  • Anti-American Muslims took US Embassy in Teheran hostage
  • Demanded that US return Shah Pahlavi
  • Ayatollah Khomeini led revolutionaries
  • Iranian government too shaky to influence revolts