Dichotomous key

By: Emily Vasquez

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Dichotomous key

1A - If Tin is wearing blue go to 3

2B - If Tina isn't wearing blue got to 2

2A - If Tina has long voluptuous hair ... This is Tina joggious

2B - If Tina has pink earrings and a silver crown this is... Princess tinaous if not go to 4

3A - If Tina is pixelated... This is Pixleious Tinaious ... If not go to 4

3B - If Tina is shaped like a star flying through the sky ... This is Stardus tinaous.

4A - If Tina is a Wii character ... This is Wiious Tinaous... If not go to 5

4B - if Tina is riding a unicorn wearing a coffee mug on her head... This is Caffeeneious Tuanous if not go to 6

5A - If Tina is actually a real person... This is Realious Tinaous... If not go to 6

5B - If Tina is trying to twirk when she knows she can't... This is Tina bootious

6A - If Tina is awkwardly standing covered in ketchup and mustard... This is Tinaous condomentious.

6B - If Tina is brushing her hair with a broom... This is cleanious Tinaeious.