The Amazing Jellyfish

Kenny Fliegel


The Jellyfish is the most fatal and most dangerous creature in the sea. The Jellyfish has many features,colors, and lengths. Finally Jellyfish have many steps for their life cycle. These are just some of the many Jellyfish facts and resources that are Jellyfishes reality.

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As you can see Jellyfish are some of the most dangerous,powerful creatures in the sea. So when you are swimming be as cautious as you can but not too cautious or you will get in a worse situation.

Think tank quiz

After visiting my web page test your knowledge on Jellyfish.Take this quiz!
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Jellyfish diarama

This is a diorama abowt the habbitat of the Jellyfish

Go fish

The fish I decided to get are a Australian Rainbow fish,Female Fancy Guppy, and a Blond Delta guppy. In total I spent $132.27 with the fish and everything else, and have 20 gallons of water so they have a lot of play space.