Taking Sides

Those strongly opposed to abortion call themselves "pro-life," suggesting that anyone in favor of abortion rights is "anti-life." Many of those who support the right to have an abortion call themselves "pro-choice," a term that refers to a woman's right to choose what she does with her body. While the pro-life side believes that "abortion is murder," pro-choice supporters say that those opposed to abortion are against free choice and the rights of women.

pro~life and pro~choice


People that are pro-life are the once that don't agree with abortions.

I'm a pro-life I think that people should not abort even if they did not want the baby they should not even think about abortion.


People that are pro-choice think that it is there choice if they want to have the baby or if they don't.

I think that people should not abort because the people that abort are KILLING the next singer or what ever that baby wants to be or wanted to be.

Social Issues

Many supporters of abortion rights claim that a ban or limit on the procedure has a negative impact on the poor, especially in less-developed nations. Experts estimate that more than two hundred thousand women die each year in developing nations as a result of illegal abortions. Restrictive abortion policies threaten both women and their children. In some parts of the world, unwanted children may be abandoned by parents, placing a great strain on the children and society.

The social justice aspect of the abortion debate involves the idea that all people within a society should have equal access to basic services. Supporters of abortion rights argue that certain restrictions on abortion deny poor, less-educated women equal access. They point to this inequality as an argument for providing government funding for abortions to poor women—an idea that is vehemently opposed by pro-life advocates. There is a similar debate over the issue of providing government-sponsored assistance to family-planning clinics that supply information about abortions. In general, restrictive abortion laws and inadequate public health services have a much greater impact on the lives of poor women than on wealthy women.


Thousand of woman die every year for abortions. They die because they do the illegal abortions. Abortions don't just kill baby's they could kill the one that was going to be a mother to.

Toward the Future

The abortion issue in the United States remains controversial. Pro-life advocates continue to pressure politicians to outlaw abortion, largely on religious and moral grounds, while pro-choice groups struggle to protect a woman's right to choose.

The controversy over abortion is certain to continue. Pro-choice advocates are resolved to protect a woman's right to choose, while many people in the antiabortion movement oppose any and all abortion. It is unlikely that a permanent solution to this highly controversial moral and ethical issue can easily be found.