The Vietnam War

The undeclared war


The Vietnam War started in 1955 and ended in 1975. America got involved in 1965 because they didn't want Communism to spread all over Asia. There were 5 presidents during the Vietnam War they were Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford. The Vietnam War should actually be called the Vietnam Conflict because America never declared war.


The Vietnam War and the Afghanistan War are similar. The United States went to both countries to fight. It is hard to know who the enemies are and who the allies are because the enemies hide among the allies. In Vietnam , the Viet Cong knew where to hide and attack our soldiers just like the Taliban does in Afghanistan today.


The United States entered Vietnam because they didn't want communism to spread across Asia. The Vietnam War did not really change how American citizens lived. The United States entered the Afghanistan War after we were attacked on 9-11 by the Taliban on American soil. Today, we can see how the Afghanistan War has changed how we live when we travel through airports and go to sporting events. There are extra security procedures now in the United States because of Taliban and other terrorists.
Vietnam War montage