Tease-Proofing Your Child

Help them build the skills they need to stand up to teasing.

HBMS PTA brings you:

Melissa Gordon, Ed.S. School Psychologist

Many children deal with teasing and bullying. In middle school teasing can be particularly difficult for kids who are likely sorting out their identity. This presentation is designed to help parents and teachers navigate the unclear roadways of teasing. While teasing can be fun and build social relationships, it can take a turn towards mean spirited. The purpose of this presentation is to explore how to differentiate good teasing from bad teasing as well as discuss techniques that kids can use to stand up for themselves. While this is a serious topic, the approach will be informative, fun, and empowering.

Free event for all HBMS parents and community members.

Friday, Oct. 17th, 12-1pm

10665 Haynes Bridge Rd

Alpharetta, GA

Please feel free to bring your lunch. Drinks will be provided.