Homework club is every Tuesday with AHOH and snacks are provided!


Media coursework catchup or all year 10 and 11 students 3-4pm every Thursday - be there if you care!


Discovery Centre News

Tuesday - during LF time we will be interviewing candidates for our new junior librarians posts. Please send to us the current librarians and the candidates who are on our waiting list - Nicky will send you an email with the students' details. Also, the librarians who are resigning - please bring back the librarian badges - we would like to recycle them! :)

Changes to our Friday LF Film Club-Inclusion Project - as students are currently busy with the Friday Focus additional learning we have stopped the LF Film Club. We are very happy to run the Club after school on Fridays (2:30pm till 3:15pm) - please ask your students who would like to attend. Thanks!

Thank you for bringing your classes to change books! As we are getting busier we would like to ask teachers to book the visits with us - either by email or directly writing the note in our purple booking sheet folder that we keep on the front desk.

Please return you overdue books - many students are waiting for Dork Diaries, Wimpy Kid and many other popular titles. Thanks a lot!

Thank you

Magda & Nicky


Year 11 interviews for Sixth restart on Wednesday 15th January.

Keep a look out for your Sixth interview times and check with you LFs.

All interviews are in the Sixth Centre with Mr Hall or Mrs Sheardown

Please see below the most up to date interviews. Please ignore any previous attpointments.

Name Date/Time Interviewer

Sajae King Tuesday 14th January 8.50am Mr Hall

Shanequa Williams Tuesday 14th January 9.00am Mr Hall

Kaz Davenport Tuesday 14th January 9.10am Mr Hall

Blake Longden Tuesday 14th January 9.20am Mr Hall

Asad Hussain Tuesday 14th January 9.30am Mr Hall

Tomas Goodman Tuesday 14th January 9.40am Mr Hall

Hamza Ahmed Wednesday 15th January 10.50am Mrs Sheardown

Tielle Henderson Wednesday 15th January 11.00am Mrs Sheardown

Yusuf Issa Wednesday 15th January 11.10am Mrs Sheardown

Sagal Osman Wednesday 15th January 11.20am Mrs Sheardown

Chelsea Foster Wednesday 15th January 11.30am Mrs Sheardown

Amy Tippett Wednesday 15th January 11.40am Mrs Sheardown

Abdirahman Cabdi Wednesday 15th January 12.00pm Mr Hall

George Braund Wednesday 15th January 12.10pm Mr Hall

Menduh Bytyqi Wednesday 15th January 12.20pm Mr Hall

Bahar Syed Wednesday 15th January 12.30pm Mr Hall

Monica Roberts Wednesday 15th January 12.40pm Mr Hall

Andrew Okello Wednesday 15th January 12.50pm Mr Hall

Deega Mohamed Thursday 16th January 9.00am Mrs Sheardown

Amal Osman Thursday 16th January 9.10am Mrs Sheardown

Mines Vijaykumar Thursday 16th January 9.20am Mrs Sheardown

Bilal Raja Thursday 16th January 9.30am Mrs Sheardown

Umulkair Mohamoud Thursday 16th January 9.40am Mrs Sheardown

Ansa Saleem Friday 17th January 9.00am Mrs Sheardown

Ericka Donaldson Friday 17th January 9.10am Mrs Sheardown

Masud Jamel Hussain Friday 17th January 9.30am Mrs Sheardown

Benjamin Caplin Friday 17th January 9.40am Mrs Sheardown

Africa Montis-Ngomo Friday 17th January 9.50am Mrs Sheardown

Brittany Howe Wednesday 22nd January 12.00pm Mr Hall

Yasmin Hamid Wednesday 22nd January 12.10pm Mr Hall

Gurvinder Kaur Wednesday 22nd January 12.20pm Mr Hall

Moushumi Islam Wednesday 22nd January 12.30pm Mr Hall

Mumina Begum Wednesday 22nd January 12.40pm Mr Hall

Amina Aadan Wednesday 22nd January 12.50pm Mr Hall

Hasnain Saleem Thursday 23rd January 9.00am Mrs Sheardown

Hafsa Abukar Thursday 23rd January 9.10am Mrs Sheardown

Sherena Thaws Thursday 23rd January 9.20am Mrs Sheardown

Mines Vijaykumar Thursday 23rd January 9.30am Mrs Sheardown

Uaronda Hoveka Thursday 23rd January 9.40am Mrs Sheardown

Gabriel Marques Friday 24th January 8.50am Mrs Sheardown

Letiah Clarke Friday 24th January 9.00am Mrs Sheardown

Assad mahmood Friday 24th January 9.10am Mrs Sheardown

Darnell Morrison Friday 24th January 9.20am Mrs Sheardown

Paige Snailham Friday 24th January 9.30am Mrs Sheardown

Ashton Hale Friday 24th January 9.40am Mrs Sheardown

Zahro Sabriye Friday 24th January 9.50am Mrs Sheardown

Naima Mohammed Monday 27th January 10.50am Mr Hall

Jay Delatorre Monday 27th January 11.00am Mr Hall

Suaad Mohammed Monday 27th January 11.00am Mr Hall

Jade Pearce Monday 27th January 11.10am Mr Hall

Luke Oberhansli Monday 27th January 11.20am Mr Hall

Samira Mahmed Monday 27th January 11.30am Mr Hall

Momodou Jagne Wednesday 29th January 12.00pm Mrs Sheardown

Tia Gemma Louise Hitchings Wednesday 29th January 12.10pm Mrs Sheardown

Hana Absie Wednesday 29th January 12.20pm Mrs Sheardown

Sebastian Woodburn Wednesday 29th January 12.30pm Mrs Sheardown

Asha Ali Wednesday 29th January 12.40pm Mrs Sheardown

Maryan Ali Wednesday 29th January 12.50pm Mrs Sheardown

Rehab Miah Thursday 30th January 9.00am Mrs Sheardown

Haruun Mohamed Thursday 30th January 9.10am Mrs Sheardown

Saiyeedul Haque Thursday 30th January 9.20am Mrs Sheardown

Abdillahi Abdi Thursday 30th January 9.30am Mrs Sheardown

Asha Mohamoud Thursday 30th January 9.40am Mrs Sheardown

Moeen-ud-din Sheikh Thursday 30th January 10.50am Mr Hall

Bradley Sheargold Thursday 30th January 11.00am Mr Hall

Rashaum Young Thursday 30th January 11.10am Mr Hall

Callum Buckley Thursday 30th January 11.20am Mr Hall

Samyan Ismail Thursday 30th January 11.30am Mr Hall

Aliyah Steadman Thursday 30th January 11.40am Mr Hall

Laurence Jones Friday 31st January 8.50am Mrs Sheardown

Tashon Wallace-Hall Friday 31st January 9.00am Mrs Sheardown

Alexander Lane Friday 31st January 9.20am Mrs Sheardown

Frankie O'Neill Friday 31st January 9.40am Mrs Sheardown

Dominick Stevens-Thompson Friday 31st January 9.50am Mrs Sheardown

Jerome Dick Monday 3rd February 10.50am Mr Hall

Hussien Yusuf Monday 3rd February 11.00am Mr Hall

Shabeena Mahmood Monday 3rd February 11.20am Mr Hall

Letiah Clarke Monday 3rd February 11.30am Mr Hall

Peter Angerman Tuesday 4th February 8.50am Mr Hall

Usman Mahmood Tuesday 4th February 9.00am Mr Hall

Jalaal Ali Tuesday 4th February 9.10am Mr Hall

Cameron Jones Tuesday 4th February 9.20am Mr Hall

Naomi Nicholls Tuesday 4th February 9.30am Mr Hall

Junior Thompson Tuesday 4th February 9.40am Mr Hall

Sharmin Rony Tuesday 4th February 9.50am Mr Hall

Jamila Cowan Wednesday 5th February 12.00pm Mr Hall

Monalisa Shonhe Wednesday 5th February 12.10pm Mr Hall

Abdimaalik Mahdi Wednesday 5th February 12.20pm Mr Hall

Taimar Bayona Wednesday 5th February 12.30pm Mr Hall


Careers Interviews for 14/01/2014

14/01/2014 Lewis Whitney Female Year 11 LE-SB 0850-0930 Discovery Centre

Mahamed Samira Female Year 11 T-SE 0930-10.05 Discovery Centre

Mahdi Abdimaalik Male Year 11 LE-NL 10.40-11.20 Discovery Centre

Mavin William Male Year 11 P-RB 11.20-12.00 Discovery Centre

Miles Shaquille Male Year 11 T-CH 12.00-12.40 Discovery Centre

Mohamed Haboon Female Year 11 LE-MD 12.40-13.10 Discovery Centre

Mohamed Hamda Female Year 11 P-JD 13.45-14.40 Discovery Centre

ALSO a "note" for ALL year 10's to be working on securing their work experience placement and returning all the paperwork to reception when completed.

Architecture opportunity for students!!!