Ready for BYOD?

Mobile Devices in the Classroom

Learn how you can implement BYOD in your classroom!

Is your campus BYOD? Need help getting started? Come to this session to learn how you can effectively implement BYOT/BYOD in your classroom with integration projects, classroom management tips, and best practices. Make sure you BYOD so you can participate during this hands-on session because it will model a BYOD learning environment!



Research is one of the best ways to get started because you can learn from others' experiences. You can access research that I've curated on the BYOD topic here:


Then you may want to begin collecting all your BYOD resources in one place as well. There you can add your own experiences, challenges, and successes, projects and more all in one place. You may even want to create a blog dedicated to your BYOD journey.


Explore the many different types of hardware and software that are ideal for a BYOD Classroom. The livebinder mentions a few and here are some of my personal favorites!

  1. Edmodo
  2. Kidblog
  3. Blendspace
  4. InfuseLearning
  5. Socrative
  6. Poll Everywhere
  7. Padlet
  8. Today's Meet
  9. Smore
  10. Thinglink


What devices do your students have? What technology tools will you need to learn? How will your parents feel about this new approach? This is where you take time to ask yourself the hard questions.


Now it's time to develop your plan. How will you plan lessons that are BYOD friendly? What curriculum units will work best for this? Which will not? How will you manage the classroom with mobile devices? How will students know your expectations and guidelines? Put it down in writing.


Let your students know what the expectations for BYOD in the classroom will be and the consequences. Tell parents how this new approach will improve their child's learning experience. Inform your administration so they can support you in your new endeavor should any problems arise.


You've spent the time researching, planning, exploring, and communicating now it is time to do it! You can implement BYOD with one class if you'd like. That way its more manageable at first. They key is to start.

BYOD Activity: Paper Slide Video (more information here)

Follow up:

How to make a Paper Slide Video


Whew! You've got the first one under your belt! Now, it's time to reflect. What worked well? What did not work well? How can you improve? How did students respond? What technical problems did you encounter? How will you fix them? What are your next steps?

Rachelle Wooten, Educational Technology Specialist

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