A Guide to Bunburying

Clarissa Zore

Step One: What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is trying to lead a double life,it allows you to preform acts that you may not usually do. (Such as stealing,committing murder or even simple things such as living a more peaceful life.)

Why Would One Wish To Bunbury?

Entertainment - A practical joke,but an extremely elaborate one.

Malicious Intent - Plotting to kill someone? Or rob a bank at gunpoint? Wear a disguise or pretend to be someone completely different than your normal self!

Pleasure - Attend some fancy parties,just throw on an ornate costume!

Bunburying could be used for many different things,good or bad.

Materials Needed For Bunburying

Finishing Touches

Personality and Other Small Things

You might want to change it up a bit,or else you might be given away by a certain personality quirk.

Make sure to get some sort of fake I.D as well.

Also,make sure to practice a bit before going out!

Enjoy Your Bunburying!

You went this far with it,so you might as well enjoy it. What's the point in putting effort into something,only to have it fail?