The Holocaust

Auschwitz, Birkenau

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Holocaust facts.

  • Wasn't just Jews in camps
  • Germans were taught jewish were evil
  • Auschwitz was one of the biggest and the most feared death camp.
  • This was to mostly exterminate jewish people
  • About 1.1 million people died in Auschwitz
  • 11 million people died in the Holocaust and 6 million of them were jewish and all the others were people targeted by the nazis.
  • 9 out of 10 of the people there were jewish

Who Was The Commandant of Auschwitz?

Rudolf Hoss.

He was in charge of the Auschwitz death camp. His full name was Obersturmbannfuhrer Rudolf Hoss.

What did Auschwitz do?

Sometimes they Gased them to kill them like they made them take off their clothes so it would seem like they were going to go take a shower but really they were going into a shower and instead of water to clean them it would be gas to kill them. The gas they used was called Zyclon-B. The doctors there would take twins that were just born and study them. Not just look at their eyes and down their throat and MRI kind of thing they wanted too know qhy they came out looking like eachother so they would inject something in them to kill them and disect them from bone to skin. They never really cared about the kids. The new borns were either tost into a fire ounce they were born. (they were not dead unless they died having birth.) They other kids that were jews or gypsyies or etc. were pretty much killed.

Auschwitz Prisoners Morning.

You would have to wake up at 4 a.m. and and fid your shoes (if someone didn't steal them.) Then you would get to work as fast as you can. You would have breakfasyy which persists of 10 ounces of bread and some "coffee" and if you are lucky you would get some butter for your bread or a thin slice of sausage. Then you would have to go to morning row call where you would line up in rows of 10. your have to be at roll call even if you died over night. Your body would be in the front of your line or in the front of your barrack and if you moved the roll call would have to start again. After roll call you hace to RUN to your work area and if you don't go fast enough your penalties are beatings insults or yelled at over and over and i fthe guard is crule enough your punishment can result in death. If you are lucky you would get a good tool or a pick-axe or a shovel. If you didn't get one of those you would have to work with your hands. If you work in a factory you have to work as fast as possible and you have to do it good. But even if you are perfecting your job thr capos are still going to insult you and beat you. If your guard that is watching your area thinks you arenot going fast enough you will be beaten, maybe until you die. If you woul dlike to be beaten until you die then sure go aheaad and take a little break maybe even try to rest for a little while.

Auschwitz Prisoners afternoon & evening.

When you hear a whistle it is time for lunch break. Lunch is just watery soup. While you are at lunch the kapos will walk around insulting you and beating you or calling you out or laughing at you to the point that you can clearly tell who they are laughing at or anything else that could make them feel bad. You will know lunch break is over when you hear a whistle. Ounce you hear a whistle it is time for you to get back to work. If you were to fall while you were at lunch break and couldn’t get back up most likely the kapos would beat you until you die. You were to work fast ounce again and if the kapos thought you were going to slow you would get beaten or insulted or threatened. This is a new opportunity for kapos to beat you or to kill people. The people who die during the day you have to carry back to camp. Sometimes when you are walking back to the camp the kapos will make you sing. All the prisoners line up in rows of 10 and usually with the dead people in front of them for the kapos to count or sometimes in front of the barracks. If one of the prisoners try to escape you will wait until a kapo brings them back. Sometimes roll call takes up to 10 hours. Before roll call is over they will pick people to beat kill and hang. Sometimes if the day did not go so well ounce you were hung and dead the other prisoners would have to walk bye you. That would show as a warning that that could be you sometimes maybe even tomorrow. Ounce roll call was over it was time for dinner. That would be watered down soup. If you somehow got bread this would be the time to eat it. This was also a time for kapos o make fun of you threaten you beat you. After that you would go to your barrack and before you could go in there was a person waiting there for you who has a green triangle which means he was a regular criminal. He would tell you if you would die or live. If you lived you would have went to your bed or one exercises. Ounce you were done with your exercises you would go to your barrack and finally go to sleep. Until the next day.