30 Things I Learned in College

Without Ever Opening a Book

  2. You need Jesus
  3. ...and your mom
  4. Best friends don't always have to be the people you've known your whole life
  5. Laughing until you cry is therapeutic
  6. Crying until you laugh is also therapeutic
  7. You'll remember the memories, not the exhaustion
  8. Everything's going to be fine
  9. Failing a test, or a quiz, or a paper (or one of each) isn't the end of the world
  10. You are not your GPA
  11. The Dean's list doesn't measure the people you've met, the memories you've made or the fun you've had... it isn't everything
  12. We're blessed beyond measure
  13. So many people would kill to be in your position
  14. Sometimes you just need to be hugged
  15. Surround yourself with people who want the best for you
  16. Never let your inner child die
  17. You'll never regret staying up an extra hour for deep conversations with your roomies
  18. 8 AM's suck!
  19. Sometimes it's best to say nothing at all
  21. I have never and will never have the opportunities that I do now
  22. No one knows what intervis is and chances are they won't understand when you try to explain it (Shout out to GCC)
  23. The classes you think suck in high school are the ones that prepare you the most
  24. Between 3 AM and 6 AM are the loneliest hours during an all nighter
  25. Sometimes you just have to fake a smile and get over it
  26. You'll miss your siblings so much more than you expected
  27. Call home
  28. Take advantage when there's a dog on campus
  29. Any friend you can call at 2 AM crying is a keeper
  30. It's hard work but you'll never get this time back, ENJOY IT.