An Educational Resource

Who can use it?

Tiny Tap can be easily accessed by:

  • Kids
  • Parents
  • Teachers

Tiny Tap is an app that can be used for learners on many different levels. As special educators, we like to use TinyTap to demonstrate a Universal Design for Learning. Tiny Tap allows our diverse learners access to multiple means of expression, engagement and representation.

Why Tiny Tap?

Tiny Tap allows us to customize games to our students' specific needs. Many of our students have fine motor deficits and cannot be assessed using paper and pencil. They also require high levels engagement and motivation. The fact that this app has access to many different visuals is very beneficial for our students because it keeps them engaged and doesn't necessarily feel like they are doing work.

It is difficult to find activities that our students can do independently but that changed when we found Tiny Tap. Even our lowest learners can access this app successfully.

Tiny Tap in Action

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Tiny Tap Tutorial

Tiny Tap