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About Me

My name is Hannah and I enjoy reading when it is a exiting or interesting book. I'm very particular when it comes to books I rave over. I started reading when I was in kindergarten. I like to read because it opens up a whole other world to explore.

10 Things That Make Me a Reader!

1. I like books that put you in the characters shoes

2. I don't normally read a series

3. I enjoy adventurous books

4. I read a normal pace

5. I enjoy reading Carl Hiassen books

6. I don't like the books that are thought of as documentaries

7. I hate fairy tales

8. It has to be quiet when I read

9. I like scary stories

4. I don't like history, war, or western books

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My interests/ Blog Entry

The book I am reading right now is Flush. So far I have learned that the boy's father is in jail for trying to help the environment. He did it in a unreasonable and destructive way. The last book I Hoot. It was one of my favorite books and I am continuing all the books by Carl Haissen. I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a great fun book. I picked the song Happy, by Pharrell Williams, to express this feeling of happiness.

My Favorite Books

1. Hoot: Hoot is about a boy named Roy fighting to fit in. Along his adventure finds a mysterious boy that he is very curious about.

2. Flush: Flush is about a boy trying to prove his dad not guilty.

3. A Friendship For Today: A friendship For Today is about a girl's struggle to find a friend and get through school.

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Good Resources To Find The Perfect Book

Whichbook is a great resource to find the book you want it has special features to make it a lot easier too! Home is a awesome website that can help you search for the book for you. It has grade levels to choose from to get the difficulty of the reading to fit you!


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