Panther Information Expo 2021

PIE Night

Thank you Panther Families!

Thank you for a GREAT evening... will be updating this website with Expo presentations if you happened to miss our annual event.

Sessions to Choose from

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PIE Night Feedback Form

Please fill out a feedback form for each session attended. Your thoughts are important to us as we work to improve this evening year to year.

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Class Meetings! (Parent Meetings) Session 1, 2, 3

Parents, please attend one of your student's class meetings presented by the Counselors. . Each meeting will be offered at sessions 1, 2, and 3. Zoom Link is embedded.

8th grade Class of 2025


Mary-Margaret Bollato

Pilar Ertl

9th grade Class of 2024

Stacy Garrett

Ashley Bennett

10th grade Class of 2023

Alexis Wilson

11th grade Class of 2022

Shelly Harrison

12th grade Class of 2021

Christopher Lockett

Tequilla McMillan

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Core Academic Options! Session 1, 2, and 3

Advanced coursework in Science: Zoom Link

AP & DC Biology, AP and DC Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Env. Science

Albert Kisangi (Specialist), Jeff Wilkins (teacher), Gayle Gregory (teacher)

Advanced coursework in Social Studies: Zoom Link

AP Economics, AP & DC US Government, AP & DC US History, AP World History, Klein Prep World Geography, African American Studies, AP Human Geography, Mexican American Studies

Sebastion Baraldi (Department Chair)

Advanced Coursework in English: Zoom Link

AP vs DC English

Jamie Nusbaum (specialist), Vanessa Riley (teacher)

Slide show presentation

Zoom presentation recording

Math Pathways: Zoom Link

Information for math pathways, both regular and advanced (includes Pre-AP, AP). Q&A time included

Mike Spencer (Department Chair)

Presentation info

Dual Credit Registration: Zoom Link

Registration Process and Requirements

Allison Wallace (DC Counselor), Alec Brewster (DC teacher)

IB Diploma Programme: Zoom Link

Program Information

Kristy Munger (IB Campus lead/ English Dept Chair), Elizabeth Bowling (IB Counselor)

AP Capstone and AP Research: Video Link

Program requirements and more

Slide Show


Angel James (teacher)

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Elective/Pathway Options Sessions 1,2,3

Fine Arts - Dance: Zoom Link

Dance 1-4, Strutters, Company, Break Krew, DC Dance, IB World Dance and Partners in Dance

Fayla Curry

Presentation slide deck

Fine Arts - Band: Zoom Link

Program Information

Todd Clearwater (Director)

Band website

Fine Arts - Color Guard: Zoom Link

Program Information

Andrew Seebaran


Intro Video

Facebook page

Fine Arts - Visual Arts: Zoom Link

Art 1, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Photography, & Digital Art

Susan Roberts, Annie Elkington, Mathew Golden

JROTC: Zoom Link

Program Information

Lt. Col Simmons, SMSgt Vale, SMSgt Johnson


Journalism: Video Link

Broadcast, Yearbook, Newspaper, Photojournalism

Joanie Gill

Program information

AVID: Zoom Link

What is AVID?
Benefits of AVID
AVID application and Q & A

Yvette Stuckey, Julianne Graham, Angie Richard

Athletic Training Program: Zoom link

Athletic Training and Sports Medicine (injury prevention and recovery)

Krystyn Lawler

CTE - Health Science: Zoom link

Health Care, Pharm Tech, CNA/CCMA, EMT, Medical Science

Jackie Carver, Catherine Lawrence

Pathway info

Presentation recording

CTE – Computer Science: Zoom Link

Computer Science & Cybersecurity and Video Game Programming & Design

Mark Roberts, Christopher Cranston

CTE - Agriculture Education and FFA: Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 827 3600 6787 Passcode: KOFFA

FFA and Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, Animal Science, Veterinary Medical Assistant; Environmental & Natural Resources; Applied Agricultural engineering; Plant & Floral Science

Sheridan Topa, Vance Brassell

CTE - Family and Consumer Science: Zoom Link

Principals of Human Services, Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness, Fashion Design, Child Development, Interior Design

Jill Reed, Samantha Marlosek, Lori Groves


CTE - Education and Teaching Pathway: Zoom Link
Principles of Education, Child Development, Child Guidance, Instructional Practices in Education & Training

Debbie Russell


CTE - Animation, Engineering, and Architecture: Zoom Link

Animation, Engineering, and Architecture

Brad Threadgill, Jeff McGee, Loren Freed

CTE - IT, Electronics and Robotics: Zoom Link

Electronics and Robotics

Rigo Zavala

CTE - Public Service Pathway (Law): Zoom Link

Principles of Law, Law Enforcement 1 & 2, Criminal Investigation, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Science Courts and Corrections

Jennifer Kretz

CTE - Business and Industry: Zoom Link

Accounting, Business Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship Pathways

Julieane Ash, LeTreal Ballinger, Katie Collier, Brenda Sims

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High School and Beyond

Senior Celebrations: Zoom Link

Dates, Communications and Q & A


NCAA - The Future College Athlete: Zoom Link

Eligibility Requirements and Resources

Coach Brandon Carpenter

Skyward and Schoology: Video Link

Family Access Information

College Applications and Essays: Zoom Link

Junior to Senior year timelines

Money for College: Web Link

presented by LSC

FAFSA and Scholarship Resources

College and Career Center: Zoom Link

Jennifer Shock: CCC counselor

On-Campus Resources


PIE NIGHT Session Feedback form

Please fill out a feedback form for each session attended. Your thoughts are important to us as we work to improve this evening year to year.

Klein Oak Course Selection Information

This link will connect you to ALL the information you may need for course selection at KOHS.

KOHS College and Career Newsletter

This link will connect you to KOHS post-secondary planning newsletter. Great information for current juniors and seniors.

Earn Parent University Credit

By attending Klein Oak's PIE night you will be earning Parent University Credit!! :-)
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EXPO Agenda session times

Session 1 6:15 - 6:45 pm

Session 2: 6:50 - 7: 20 pm

Session 3: 7:25 - 7:55 pm