She's The Man & Twelfth Night

Similar plots and similar endings

Viola is pretending to be a boy named cesairo in order to get closer to the person she is head over heels for who is called the duke and during her process it takes her for roller coaster ride

In the story shes the man Viola is pretending to be her brother sebastian who is supposed to be away at school but is actually in london with his band Viola purpose is to beat her old school at soccer which dismissed her whole girls soccer team for finical reasoning and she wants to prove that she is athletic and worthy enough to play on the boys soccer team

The comedy ladder for She's the Man

Comedy of Manners: When Monique tells olivia that she has alack of curves (putting her down)

Low Comedy: Sebastian proving he was a boy

Farce: Viola dresses up as her brother

Comedy of ideas: When violia sarcastically says kill me to her moms idea of a surpise dress

Comedy ladder for twelfth night

Comedy of manners: The part when they make fun of malvolio for wearing yellow tights

Low comedy: When they were getting drunk and making a lot of dirty jokes

Farce: Viola dresses up as a man named Cesario

Comedy of ideas: Orisino is the duke of illyria who is in love with olivia. He starts to became fond of cesario, showing that he is Bi-Sexual