The Golden Compass

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The setting is Svalboard. It is up North. It is icy and cold.


I read The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. The genre is fantasy. In Lyra's world, everybody has a daemon. A daemon is a creature that can turn into any animal. Nobody can be seperated from them. A daemon to them, is a good thing. If a person there doesn't have a daemon, to them, it is like seeing a person without a face. When Lyra and Pantalaimon(her daemon) go into the retiring room where her uncle, Lord Asriel, has meetings,she learns that there are people in Svalboard who cut peoples daemons away. She also learns about Dust, Dust is particles that are attracted to mostly kids. The people in Svalboard separate the kids from their daemon, and most times, the kids die. If the kids die, then their daemon dies also. Lyra's friend ,Roger, got taken away and his daemon was almost cut. Lord Asriel goes to hide from the people from Svalboard who went out to find and stop him from splitting worlds.Lyra and Pantalaimon save the kids and daemons,and find Roger.Then they meet Iorek Byrnison( an armored polar bear) who helps them and takes them to where Lord Asriel is hiding. Lord Asriel takes Roger away and uses Dust that is attracted to Roger to split the worlds. Roger dies when this happens, and Lord Asriel walks into the sky when Lyra and Pantalaimon follow him.


Lyra is determined, brave,stubborn,smart, and kind. Her flaws are her temper tantrums. Pantalaimon is worryful, scared, funny, and nice. His flaws are the same as Lyra's. Lyra grew as a person by her getting smarter, and more mature than what she was.


I would recommend it because it is fantasy and it has a great and awesome story.