john cabot

italian explorer

who is John Cabot

John Cabot is a man born in Genoa in 1450. Cabot was a navigator and a famous sailer. By 1495, he had moved to Bristol, England, with his family. He made a voyage in 1497 on the ship Matthew and claimed land in Canada, mistaking it for Asia, for King Henry VII of England.

who did john sail for?

John Cabot sailed for the king of England and explored canada, he also sailed for italy

Who is John Cabot?

John Cabot founded most of northern north america, now day Canada, he first thought it was Asia.

years or exploration?

He made a voyage in 1497 on the ship Matthew and claimed land in Canada.

The next year he made a second voyage in 1498 along the east coastline of canada, he thought it was north eastern asia and was hoping to find japan

what did cabot discover?

john cabot discovered canada he thought it was asia and was disapointed because he did not find the riches he was looking for

amazing feats / accomplishments

he is know as the founder of canada,

he was the first european to reach north america since the Norsemen.

If it wasnt for him england probably wouldnt have claimed north america first

what was john cabot like?

Some characteristics that John Cabot had, were being brave, a risk-taker, and most of all being committed.

what was the point of the first and second voyage?

john cabots goal was to bring back goods to england to sell
John Cabot - Mini Biography

outcome of his voyage?

england controlled north america

significant events?

john cabot when through many storms on his tiny ship "the matthew" and survived. John cabot was never heared of and was assumed dead on his final voyage
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