Kondinin, Western Australia

The town with a population of 311

Dear Town of Kondinin,

The Minister of energy has asked me and my team to investigate and make new ways to generate electricity to isolated towns. Kondinin needs to have their own source of energy instead of getting there energy from the main towns. For example Perth, which is 279 kilometres away. Getting there own power station will mean that there will be more jobs for people and more money will come into the town to make it better.

Our Plan

We will use solar energy to generate the electricity for Kondinin. The panels will be placed in the empty space outside the town so that it won't interfere in your daily lives. The total cost will be covered by fundraisers in the main towns and a sum of $2,000 will be donated from the Prime Minister. So you don't need to pay any fees or donate any money.

Why solar?

We choose solar because in Kondinin is a sunny town. There are other energy sources that we could of used but we can't use hydroelectric energy because it is very dry in Kondinin so there is not much water inland. Also building a massive hydroelectric station would be too dear for only a population of 311 people. Using wind turbines is useless as well because it would be too much of a hassle in making gigantic machines for only a small community. Solar would be just right because it would be the most cheapest source of energy.

The total cost

The total cost for installing and buying the solar panels will range from $360,000 to $1,200,000. Kondinin alone won't be able to fund all the money by themselves so the prime minister is going to cover three forth's of the total amount and the rest will be funded by fundraisers and carnivals from the main towns.

How it will all work?

The solar panels will be connected to tubes that will transmit the light to the invertor so it will exchange the light collected, to electricity that will go into electrical grids that will send energy to everyone.

The advantage of this plan

We are just beginning our scheme. Producing energy is one thing but what about better funding for our schools and repairing roads and many more other things. We need to get enough money to pay for all these things. We can get that money from the money coming from the power station. Producing power to Kondinin and other nearby towns.