one of the most deadliest viruses

name image and more

the name of the virus is the polio virus of also know as the (poliomyelitis)

description of the viral structure

the viral structure of the polio virus is its a three dimensional structure with a capsid composed of 60 copies of 4 viral proteins.

viral genetic material and replicatoin process

this specific virus can multiply in the throat then when it reaches enough numbers some will be coughed out and the rest will move on to the blood stream

mode of transmission

this virus is manly transmittable though out person to person contact by t oral route but it occasionally gets transmitted through food and water as well

specific host cell

it manly infectes children under or are the age of three or down

name of disease caused by the virus

Polio is caused by the polio virus

symptoms of the disease caused by the virus

Infects the brain and spinal cord causing paralysis

treatment of disease

Well sadly there is no cure but it can be prevented by trements like plenty of bed rest and the polio vaccine