Gustav Theodor Fechner

april 19, 1801 - november 18, 1887

Interesting Facts !!!!


  • Although he was educated in biological science, Fechner turned to mathematics and physics.
  • he proposed that mind and body were just different sidesof one reality.
  • From about 1865 he delved into experimental aesthetics and sought to determine by actual measurements which shapes and dimensions are most aesthetically pleasing.

Contribtions or Historical Impact on the Psychology


Gustav created theories of the different sides of one reality as mind and body. He also developed experimental procedures still used in the genre of experimental psychology. He devised an equation to express the theory of the just-noticeable difference that concerns the sensory ability to identify two different stimuli that are just noticeablydifferent from eachother. He got into the subject of philosphy, he discussed his idea of a universal consciousness at length in a work containing his plan of psychophysics (concerned with quantitative relations between sensations and the stimuli producing them).

How is His Reserch Used Today??

Gustav developed experimental procedures that are still useful in experimental psychology. They are measuring sensations in relation to the physical magnitude of stimuli. This establishes that as physical stimulation increases logarithmically, sensation increases arithmetically. More important, he devised an equation to express Weber's law. Gustav's principal scientific work was Elements of Psychophysics (1860).

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5 Questions?

  • what stimulis produce certian reactions?
A: a bell rang with food for a dog produces saliva: after a while the dog assiociates the bell with food , therefore, producing saliva.

  • Are there spiritual beings seperate from the body ?
A: because gustav was a spriritual man hedid believe they were seperate.

  • Should you ignore just-noticable differences?
A: no,gustav believed they were still important he even wrote a theory called Weber-Fechner law.

  • Aremost people influenced by their religous upbring and education in certian subjects?
A: Gustav himself was influenced by this , what you believe and have learned are essential to your perspectives of certian subjects.

  • Is experimental psychology quantifable ?
A: Gustav actually is the one who founded the basis to prove or demonstarte that experimental psychology is quantifiable.