women in the 1800's

As one of the most famous people from the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman led over 300 slaves to freedom. She had made a total of 19 trips to the south and in all of the trips she never had lost a "passenger." For those of you who don't know the underground railroad was sort of a web of houses that people would hide slave and then transfer them to another house, on the way they did not get off track they stayed on a designated path until they reached freedom.

contributions of women

During the 1800's, women began to contribute more and got more involved in political issues. They got more involved in a political way because they had been lacking the right to vote and they had thought that it was wrong. And since they knew that men were treating them terrible, they pushed hard to win their quality and freedom. Women were beginning to become more and more successful in earning their freedom. Women also began to realize that slavery was just as bad as the lack of women's rights, so they tried helping the cause and abolish slavery.

role of women

Many women in the 1800's played a role as a petitioner. Women had petitioned so much in the 1800's because that was when they realized men were treating women terrible. The role every married woman with children would play would be a housewives who would take care of family. If you were a single woman, you would be able to own land and work. So, basically you had more rights than a married woman even though you had been seen by all people as a failure. Single women played roles as a maid, a teacher, and even a factory worker.