The Weekly Hoot

June 3-7, 2013

Greetings All -

I hope this Hoot finds everyone enjoying their first official day of summer vacation! It has been a busy day up here getting ready for summer school, teacher interviews, and grading committee meetings. I hope to send out a Weekly Hoot all summer to keep you up to date on what is going on each week. We have tons going on this week where hopefully I can give you very detailed information in the next Hoot about grading changes, new hires, and construction updates, and when you can come up here and begin moving from room to room. For now I hope all of you are enjoying your time off. Whether you are at the fair all week, hauling kids to and from camp, or just laying out by the pool, I hope you are doing so with joy. Everyone have a great week!

Soaring with you this year,


Owl Wings This Week Go To...

Mrs. Chapa, Mrs. Prado, Mrs. Gober, and Mrs. Bracewell for great years of service to ASCISD! You all will be missed greatly!

Quote of the Week...

Summer... Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. LIFE GETS BETTER! :)


Focus of the Week...

--focus on grading policy changes

-- interviews

-- design meeting about new elementary addition

Birthdays this Week...

Your Week at a Glance...

Monday, June 3

* First day of summer vacation!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 4

** Marcy in meeting from 9:00-1:00

** Grading Committee Meeting @ 2:00

Wednesday, June 5

** Marcy in TIF training 8:30-3:00

Thursday, June 6

** Teacher Candidate Interviews (9:00-2:00)

** Construction Design Meeting about new addition (2:30-4:00)

Friday, June 7

** Elementary Office Closed for the day