The Poems

I wish

I had a bigger four wheeler

a orange and black one

and also a faster one with a

NOS bottle

I wish

I was Donald Trump

and had his money before

He went into bankrupt

I wish

the world was square

And also it was orange and I wish

I had a pet raccoon who who would do

Amazing tricks

I wish

I had a manchine when I'm older and the

Color would be pink.

I used to to be a runner than I turned into a car

I go faster than I ever did now.

No I go on highways zooming through the public

I used to feel like no one followed the speed limit

Through Webb but know I wonder if the police

Stopped them.

I felt that last night I couldn't go to bed

But know I'm wide awake.

I used to

A Clerihew or two

Austin Alan Patten

He went to Manhattan

I didn't know what tot do

So I sailed the ocean blue

Martin Luther King wasn't a king

He didn't have horses, a crown, or anything

He preached a lot and had a dream

Of everyone eating ice cream

The five others


I went to the river

I thought I should set a line

That's how I fish


I am Austin

I went to Boston

Met a guy named Colton

I then went float-in

To see the ocean

Free verse

I like to see the world

God makes beautiful creations

Some may not believe, but I always will

People go to church

I know that I will

My family believes in him

I don't know why you wouldn't


There was a grandma

And didn't write a stanza

She grew even bigger

Named her dog Jagger

And then met a grandpa

Blank verse

I saw the big fish splash

So I casted my line

Figured out he was gone

And reeled it back in

With nothing on the hook

I still caught a fish

But not as big as the other

My friend said he would catch it

Sure enough he reels it in.