By: Diana Varela, Brian Barnett, Adrian Velasquez

Faktens (Facts)

  • Their name (all men) indicates that they were a conglomeration of various tribes.
  • Most famous battle against Rome took place in Strasbourg, in Julian.
  • On January 2, 366 the Alamanni crossed the frozen Rhine in large numbers, to invade the Roman Empire.
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Alemanni, (also known as the Alamanni and the Alamans, meaning "All Men" pr "Men United") were a confederacy of Germanic-speaking people who ocuupied the reagions south of the Main and east of the Rhine rivers in present-day Germany.

Chrocus & Chnodomar

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Chrocus ( c.240 - 319 )

Greatest accomplishment: He invaded Gaul and destroyed the region until he was defeated at Arles by the Romans. He lived in either c. 256 CE, c. 306 CE, or c. 406 CE. There three primary sources for King Chrocus and his involvement with Rome.
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Chnodomar ( c. 352 - 357 )

Greatest Accomplishment: attacked along the whole Rhine front and conquered the territory to the west of the river. He lived sometime before 352 till 357.


The legacy of the Alamanni were languages that derived from the alamanni tribe such as Arabic, Catalan, Welsh, Cornish, French, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish. They also created social and economic classes such as the patricians and the plebeians.