Cold and Flu Season

By: Amari and Nina

Cold Season

The cold season is a time of year that has a record of sick people. This time is normally during the winter. This is because the air is dense making it easier for the germs to pass through, then accumulating in small places, kept warm until they go in your immune system.

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Influenza, or flu, is a common illness of the respiratory or breathing system. Germs called viruses cause influenza. The viruses invade the nose, throat, and lungs.The signs of influenza come on suddenly. They include body aches, chills, and fever. The person also may cough and sneeze and have a sore throat. People with influenza often become very tired. Some may have a headache. After three or four days most people start to get better. But flu can be a serious danger to people who are very old or very young or have other health problems. Such people can get pneumonia and bronchitis.

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Stay Heathly

Staying healthy during the flu season is easy when you think about it. For an example, keep your hands from your mouth, eyes, and ears, don't share your food or water with others, and wash your hands before you eat.