Paul Revere's Ride

By: Henry W. Longfellow

Poetry Terms

End Rhyme- A line that occurs in the last syllables or verses

Ex. Listen my children and you shall here/ Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere. (Longfellow pg.629)

This is an example of end rhyme because here and Revere rhyme and they are at the end of the lines

Simile- A comparison between two things using like or as

Ex. A phantom ship,with each mast and spar/ Across the moon like a prison bar.

(Longfellow pg.629)

This is an example of a simile because it compares the mast and spar to a prison bar using the word like

Personification- A figure of speech in which an object or animal is given human quality

And the meetinghouse windows, blank and bare/ Gaze at him with spectral glare. (Longfellow pg.632)

This is an example of personification because it gives human quality's to a window

Historical Reference

This poem is special to history because it tells the story of how Paul Revere rode through the country-side warning people that the British were coming. Had he not done this then we might have lost the revolutionary war. It was in the middle of the night so everyone was asleep and all the British had to do was kill everyone in their sleep. Paul Revere might have saved a large amount of lives doing what he did.

Poem I selected


It gives us the power,
To break through the barrier,
The barrier that holds us back,
To do what we lack.

This barrier that holds us,
Is the one best known as,
The curse of our land,
The “fear” most of us defined.

Those who conquer this great foe,
We call him a Hero.
We call him brave,
For he seems unafraid.

We say fear has been ejected,
From the brave ones mind,
But it’s actually extended,
But was overacted by courage.

It’s true bravery I say,
That we fight for the day,
Not without fear,
But with the purpose to appear.

Lendl Ian Servillon

Connection Between Poems

These poems are connected because they are both about bravery and doing what needs to be done in order to accomplish something much greater. They show that if you have bravery you can not only save yourself but maybe save other people. If you fear the unexpected, then you are not brave. Bravery is not only for big things it could be as small as going up to your teacher and asking for help, even if you are scared. These poems are about standing up for yourself and the things you love.

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