Designer Recognition Challenge

From........your top owl. WhOOt wHoOt!

Who's up for a little bit of fun for a job well done?

I am so excited to announce the best designer recognition challenge yet!!!

Starting July 1st and ending September 30th, I cordially invite every member of the rocking awesome Whootie Whoots to participate! Should you choose not to participate, please email me at:

Here's how it's gonna work

You will receive a "number", unique to your designer id. Weekly, there will be a number drawn and so long as you have $250 PV, you win!

The weekly winner will receive a "fun prize" valued up to $10. At the end of the 3 months, there will be three random numbers selected, using (New designers will also be included, regardless of their start date, so long as it is before September 30th)

There will be 3 separate winners. Each winner will select one of the following items:

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