Save the planet

Our world

Why we should take care of our enviroment

The air you breath , the beautiful plants and trees you see everyday ,those beautiful animals ,your house ,and the people you admire all those beautiful things are our world. Where we live in.What would we do without those things?

How can you help?

Its not that hard.Do it for yourself,do it for your children.

  1. To start off you can take shorter showers.
  2. Then you can let your children go on the school bus.
  3. Volunteer to clean parks zoos etc.
  4. Recycle.
  5. Make decorations out of stuff that you dont use instead of buying stuff.
  6. Try buying recycled stuff like recycled pens ,paper ,etc.
  7. Plant trees in parks.
  8. Go walking or in a bike or scooter to close by places.
  9. Etc.